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Why We Switched From Reliva CBD to Saha Instead

Hi, our names are Jerry and Denise and this is a compensated customer testimonial for Saha Self-care.

Product being reviewed: Reliva Gummies Bottle (300mg)

Reliva Gummies (300mg)
Reliva CBD Gummies (300mg)
We got introduced to CBD and Reliva CBD specifically by some golfing buddies of ours that absolutely swear by it.
They use the creams and tinctures on a daily basis but we were looking for an easy, low dose way to try CBD out and figured the gummies were the best starting point for us. My wife feels more of an effect than I do but we both feel a sense of calmness after taking CBD. Nothing earth shattering mind you but it does help to take the edge off after a long day and help us get some better sleep.
Both brands are the same price – $39.99 – but the Reliva CBD is made from isolate only, while the Saha CBD is made from broad spectrum so it has no THC but all the other cannabinoids which is supposed to make the CBD more effective or improve its efficacy.
Saha Self-care Artisanal CBD Gumdrops
Saha Self-care Artisanal CBD Gumdrops
That’s the first reason why we switched from Reliva to Saha. If both products are the same price and have the same number of gummies, then it feels like a better deal to be buying the CBD gummies that have all the cannabinoids vs. just the CBD isolate.
The second reason is we really like the idea of the gumdrops from Saha being small-batch and made in an artisanal fashion. We both agreed the Saha gumdrops tasted fresher, were more chewy and just felt like a better quality product over the Reliva gummies. The Reliva gummies felt like every other gummy out there but the Saha gumdrops didn’t and that higher quality struck us from the first time we tried them.
The final reason we chose Saha over Reliva is the variety of flavors that they offer. The Reliva gummies come in a variety of flavors too but you can’t pick the flavors you want. With Saha, you can pick from seven flavors and we prefer that.
Saha Self-care Artisanal CBD Gumdrops
Saha Self-care Artisanal CBD Gumdrops
At some point, we’ll probably graduate up to using the tinctures since they’re supposed to be stronger than the gummies but we’re happy with the decision that we’ve made so far and encourage anyone contemplating trying CBD to get started with the Saha gumdrops – you will not be disappointed in the flavor and quality even if the CBD doesn’t do anything for you.
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