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Why I Picked Saha Self-care over Royal CBD

Hi, my name is Chris and this is a compensated customer testimonial for Saha Self-care.

Product being reviewed: Royal CBD CBD Gummies 10mg

Royal CBD vs. Saha Self-care
Royal CBD vs. Saha Self-care

I’m a university student right now and in addition to taking CBD oil tinctures to help with stress and anxiety, I also take CBD gummies throughout the day to help me “level out” when I start to feel overwhelmed.

Both of these CBD gummy products are REALLY good, taste and flavor wise. And both have multiple flavor options which is nice for keeping things interesting. With Royal, the container comes with a combination of flavors while with Saha, you pick the flavor you want and that’s the only flavor you get. The Black Currant gumdrops by Saha are really delicious BTW, especially when chilled as recommended.

Royal CBD vs. Saha Self-care
Royal CBD vs. Saha Self-care

From a branding standpoint, Royal CBD is the clear winner. Their branding is really consistent – slick and premium. You get the impression that it’s a very premium product. Saha’s branding is fine – there’s nothing about it that concerns me or gives me pause – but there isn’t that “wow” factor like Royal has. Even the websites mirror this. Again, Saha’s is perfectly fine but Royal’s just gives that premium, high-quality impression that gives it a clear leg-up in my opinion.

Now, the pricing. Saha clearly has the edge here. $39.99 for 30 10mg artisanal CBD gumdrops in seven flavors while Royal CBD charges $54 (down from $75). I totally get that as a more premium brand, Royal would charge more but $54 is a lot of money for gumdrops. I mean, so is $40 basically but at least Saha is more affordable with more flavor options and a better discount if you sign-up for their subscription service.

Saha Self-care Artisanal CBD Gumdrops
Saha Self-care Artisanal CBD Gumdrops

Overall, they’re both great products and I enjoyed using both but as a student who is mindfully trying to balance mental healthiness and my budget, Saha makes the most sense to me. The pricing is more within reach for me and I like that I can select different flavors over time.

Thanks for reading and just a final reminder that this is a compensated testimonial for Saha Self-care.

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