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Why I Switched To Saha From BROWN GIRL Jane

Hi, my name is Yolanda and this is a compensated customer testimonial for Saha Self-care.

Product being reviewed: BROWN GIRL Jane Yoni Topical Oil

First off, these are two great brands and you can’t go wrong with either. I knew about BROWN GIRL Jane first and love love love that they are black-owned and black-women owned at that so I’m more than happy to support them. I found out about Saha later which is also another black-owned brand and black-man owned which, considering how negatively impacted black men have been by the cannabis industry from a historical standpoint, I found their story really empowering and…necessary.

It’s about time that black men be successful in the industry and I was equally happy to support Saha and try their complimentary product.

YONI Topical Oil

Like I said before, both are great products and both work for me.

Ultimately it comes down to the price because the products are essentially the same (ingredient-wise) with the BROWN GIRL Jane having more CBD which is justifiably why it’s more expensive.

But after trying the Saha lubricant they sent me, even with less CBD, I felt the same level of relief as with the BROWN GIRL Jane Yoni Oil and after doing the math, it’s just a smarter decision to get more and pay less. The BROWN GIRL Jane Yoni Oil is $58 for one ounce and 500mg of CBD while the Saha lubricant is $39.99 for four ounces and 200mg of CBD.

YONI Topical Oil

At first, I thought the Saha lube was probably not as good as the BROWN GIRL Jane in terms of quality but they are essentially the same from an ingredients standpoint and they are both made using broad spectrum CBD. As mentioned before, both work for me so I guess, although having more CBD in the BROWN GIRL Jane product sounds better, it’s more than I need personally and so doesn’t really justify the higher price point.

I get three more ounces with the Saha lubricant and I pay almost $20 less! Plus, Saha offers free shipping on all orders regardless of how much you order and they offer a 20% discount if you sign-up for their subscription service which really saves a lot over time.

YONI Topical Oil

Key takeaway: both are great companies to support and you cannot go wrong. I guess it comes down to price sensitivity and how much more you associate with each company’s founders and mission. Regardless of which way you go, you’ll be getting a great product and doing a great thing.

Saha Self-care CBD Lubricant (200mg)
Saha Self-care CBD Lubricant (200mg)

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