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Why I Ditched TetraLabs Goldcaps for Saha’s CBD Softgels

Hi, my name is Martha and this is a compensated customer testimonial for Saha Self-care.

Product being reviewed: TetraLabs GoldCaps Full Spectrum CBD Softgels

TetraLabs GoldCaps Full Spectrum CBD Softgels
GoldCaps Full Spectrum CBD Softgels

Currently I take CBD for joint discomfort (arthritis) and I prefer the softgels because of how easy they are to take and that they are predosed so I don’t have to fiddle around with measuring.

Both of these products are obviously very similar so it’s a little hard to compare one over the other. Tetralabs has multiple strengths (10mg, 25mg, 50mg) which is more convenient so I like that aspect of their brand over Saha. They also offer two different quantities which is, again, very convenient.

Nano-emulsion CBD Softgels
Nano-emulsion CBD Softgels

True to their advertising, Saha keeps things very simple (and limited) by offering one softgel product: 30 softgels each with 25mg broad spectrum CBD (TetraLabs is full spectrum CBD, FYI).

So, the reason I ditched TetraLabs for Saha is that I prefer a CBD product with no THC in it. I understand that amount of THC in full spectrum products is very, very small but if there’s an option where there’s none [Saha Editor Note: Our CBD has 0.0% THC] that’s my preference.

Saha Self-care Nano-emulsion CBD Softgels
Saha Self-care Nano-emulsion CBD Softgels

Additionally, getting the best value for my money is very important and so given that the Saha product is about $5 cheaper and if you sign-up for their monthly subscription service, you get 20% off each order, they get my vote for that.

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