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Swift CBD Spray vs. Saha Self-care CBD Tinctures: A Review

Hi, my name is Roger and this is a compensated customer testimonial for Saha Self-care.

Product being reviewed: Swift CBD Spray


I’ve dabbled here and there with CBD but am not a current user nor fervent believer. Perhaps I didn’t stick with it long enough but I just want to go on record that I’m not someone who uses CBD often or is convinced that it actually works.

That being said, the Swift CBD Spray is a very simple, easy to use CBD product – just point and spray basically. The taste is fine – minty, nothing harsh or overbearing. It has a total of 300mg of CBD. Website is pretty basic but does have the necessary information such as Certificates of Analysis and the ingredients. I would say the good thing about it is the convenience of it. Small and easy to use.

I’m more familiar with the tinctures like the one that I tried from Saha Self-care but have to admit that the CBD oral spray is easier to apply. The tinctures don’t take that much more effort but the CBD oral spray is just easier overall.

From a value standpoint, the Saha product makes more sense. You get 500mg of CBD for $49.99 while with the Swift CBD Oral Spray, you’re paying the same price for 300mg of CBD or 200mg less.

Soothing CBD Oil Tinctures
Soothing CBD Oil Tinctures

Both good products but I have to give the nod to Saha because of the great value for money especially as compared to Swift’s CBD Oral Spray.

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