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The #1 Reason I Chose Saha Over PureKana

Hi, my name is Dana and this is a compensated customer testimonial for Saha Self-care.

Product being reviewed: PureKana Mint CBD Oil 1600mg

PureKana Mint CBD Oil 1600mg
PureKana Mint CBD Oil 1600mg

Dana here. Okay, I had the opportunity (compensated by Saha) to use and review two different CBD oil tinctures and pick the one I prefer.

Aside from both having a minty taste (subtle), they’re both pretty different. The PureKana CBD oil is full spectrum while the Saha CBD oil is broad spectrum so all the cannabinoids except THC.

The PureKana product is also 1600mg CBD vs 1500mg CBD for the Saha product which leads to the next thing: price. Yes, the PureKana product has a little more CBD but it costs $184 which is NUTS given that Saha only charges $100.

Saha Self-care Soothing CBD Oil Tinctures
Saha Self-care Soothing CBD Oil Tinctures

That right there is the number one reason why I’d choose the Saha product over PureKana. I just wanted able to determine why it’d be worth it to spend that much when I can pay less for a comparable product. Nothing against them but the Saha product just makes more sense and is a better deal.

One thing to call out is that PureKana does offer a 30% discount if you subscribe monthly to their products and that’s a pretty sizeable deal but Saha offers 20% so again, from a value standpoint, Saha just seems to make more sense all around.

Also, both brands have their Certificates of Analysis available on their sites

I hope this helps!

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