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Reliva CBD vs. Saha Self-care? This is why I chose Saha.

Hi, my name is Lou and this is a compensated customer testimonial for Saha Self-care.

My personal journey with CBD began about a year ago when I was looking for a natural remedy for my chronic knee pain. Initially I was skeptical about using CBD because of the hemp/cannabis connection but I also knew I wanted to use something that was natural and wasn’t addictive or expensive for obvious reasons. After doing my research, I came to understand that legal CBD can only have trace amounts of THC (no more than 0.3%) and since that can’t get you high, I got comfortable with using CBD for pain and really started to delve into the various CBD brand options out there.

There’s a ton but I decided to buy CBD online just for the convenience and range and chose Reliva CBD given the variety of products they sell and their online reputation, too. I started off using the 300mg cream and applying that to my left knee twice a day and honestly, it’s a great product. I like that it has no smell and that it’s not greasy at all.

As far as I can tell, the product worked for me and I thought, okay, if I take something ingestible to bolster it, that would be even better for me so I tried Reliva’s 1000mg CBD tincture and would take that at night before bedtime as well as apply the cream and then when I woke up, just use the cream. All in all, Reliva makes a solid product and I had great results with it and I’m not the only one.

Reliva CBD 300mg Cream
Reliva CBD 300mg Cream
Reliva CBD 1000mg Tincture
Reliva CBD 1000mg Tincture









Now, that being said, something I had read about when I first started considering CBD for my pain was that there were three different kinds basically: full spectrum, broad spectrum and isolate.

Initially I liked that Reliva was isolate because that meant there was absolutely no chance of me absorbing THC (which doesn’t really matter because I’m retired so getting drug tested isn’t a concern for me) but as I continued to research CBD and CBD brands, I started to understand that isolate-only CBD is sort of stripped down in terms of effectiveness. This is because the only cannabinoid at work is CBD but when more or all the cannabinoids are at work, it’s called the entourage effect and it delivers an overall  better CBD experience.

Naturally, this got me curious and as I understood that broad spectrum had more cannabinoids than isolate but without THC, I figured this was the next natural step in my CBD journey. As I was researching broad spectrum CBD brands, I came across Saha Self-care and since they are also online and based locally, I decided to give them a shot and ordered their body lotion. Boy, what a difference!

So, again, the Reliva CBD 300mg cream was great – no complaints – but the Saha body lotion was just more up my alley. First, it’s twice as big so naturally it lasts longer which is just more convenient since I’m using it everyday, twice a day which leads to my second point. The price is comparable to the Reliva product and honestly, I feel like it’s a better deal because and this is my third point, it’s broad spectrum CBD! so, I’m getting most of the cannabinoids you’d get from a full spectrum product but without the THC.

Bigger product, comparable price point and broad spectrum CBD, plus free shipping and 20% off if you subscribe monthly? This was a no-brainer for me. Additionally, the scent is really subtle which is important to me because I’m not into heavy fragrances and honestly, I didn’t mind that the Reliva CBD product didn’t smell at all. Regarding consistency, it’s very similar to the Reliva CBD product. I didn’t notice a difference on that.

Finally, I really appreciate and respect that Saha donates 10% of each order to charities in need. I checked to see if Reliva CBD donates to any charities but it doesn’t appear that they do or if they do, they don’t mention it. Getting back to Saha, it makes me feel good and responsible to support businesses that have a social cause and I haven’t come across another business – not just CBD – that donates 10% of their revenue to people in need. I look forward to purchasing their broad spectrum CBD tinctures when they become available in the near future.


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