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Reliva CBD Cream (300mg) vs. Saha Relieving CBD Body Lotion (500mg)

Hi, my name is Mary and this is a compensated customer testimonial for Saha Self-care.

Product being reviewed: Reliva CBD Cream (300mg)

Reliva 300mg CBD Cream
Reliva 300mg CBD Cream

I use CBD cream to help with chronic muscle and joint pain and because I’m on a fixed income, affordability is very important to me. I discovered Reliva CBD cream at my local gas station and although I was skeptical, the price point was just right for me. It’s a pretty basic CBD cream – no scent for example – but it gets the job done.

Recently it’s been out of stock on and off so I’ve had to explore alternatives and went online to search. Reliva does have a website so I can order their CBD cream from there but at this point, I think I’m going to stick with Saha for the following reasons:

  1. Although I don’t mind that the Reliva CBD cream doesn’t have a scent, I really like the Lavender Neroli scent because it’s soothing and also subtle.
  2. I really like the consistency of the Saha CBD cream. It’s a little creamier and wetter than the Reliva CBD cream but it absorbs very quickly and leaves my skin surprisingly soft.
  3. Saha is made with broad spectrum CBD which is supposed to provide the entourage effect vs Reliva which is just the CBD isolate (so no entourage effect) and typically I would write this off as marketing crap but honestly, the Saha body lotion does seem to work faster and last longer. Perhaps this is all in my head but I can swear that the Saha body lotion is more effective.
Saha Self-care CBD Body Lotion (500mg)
Saha Self-care CBD Body Lotion (500mg)

All that being said, the Saha product is more expensive being $39.99 but it is also double the size of the Reliva CBD cream so when you factor that in, they’re basically the same price – it’s just that the Saha product is bigger so you’re paying more as a result. It’s more convenient however because you don’t have to buy as often (I go through the Reliva CBD cream in a month) so less ordering.

Saha Self-care CBD Body Lotion (500mg)
Saha Self-care CBD Body Lotion (500mg)

To that point, both brands offer a subscription discount and free shipping.

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