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Populum CBD Oil vs Saha CBD Oil: 3 Reasons I Chose Saha

Hi, my name is Donny and this is a compensated customer testimonial for Saha Self-care.

Product being reviewed: Populum CBD Oil

Populum CBD Oil 1000mg
Populum CBD Oil 1000mg

Hi everyone, I’m Donny – thanks so much for reading this review. I’m new to CBD but excited about trying it for better sleep and just better wellness overall. I’ve read that tinctures are the most popular format for taking CBD so I’m starting there.

For this review, I’m trying out two brands: Populum and Saha Self-care and the 1000mg CBD tincture from each of these brands.

I’m going to be as comprehensive as possible so bear with me if I go into too much detail! πŸ™‚

The first thing I noticed was the flavor. Populum is full spectrum CBD oil with an orangey flavor while Saha is broad spectrum CBD oil with a minty flavor. With both CBD oils, you can taste the CBD (it’s a little bitter and earthy but not overwhelming at all) but the flavorings help to mask it.

Populum CBD Oil
Populum CBD Oil

Personally, I preferred Populum’s orange flavor but Saha’s CBD oil tastes just fine, too. I think it just comes down to personal preference on flavors since ultimately, you can still taste the CBD behind the flavoring.

The second thing I checked was the ingredients and they seemed pretty comparable. Populum has more oils than Saha but perhaps that’s to further “smooth out” the CBD flavor.

The third thing I checked was the branding. Both brands have done a great job but Populum has done a better one in my opinion. It looks like they’ve been around longer but they have more reviews and testimonials on their site and it just comes across as really professional and really well-designed. Saha’s site looks great too but I just prefer the design aesthetic of Populum.

Saha Self-care Soothing CBD Tinctures 1000mg
Saha Self-care Soothing CBD Tinctures 1000mg

The last thing I checked was the price and this is where the difference between the two products really comes into play. Populum is currently charging $179 for their 1000mg CBD tincture as compared to just $100 for Saha’s 1000mg CBD tincture which is NUTS!

Populum does offer a monthly subscription discount of 20% which brings the price down to $143 but that’s still $43 more than Saha for essentially the same product and Saha also offers a 20% discount for a monthly subscription so from a value standpoint, Saha is the better choice, no question.

All that being said, it’s still too early to tell which of the two works better but so far, both of them have accomplished the task of helping me get a better night’s sleep.

Thanks for reading my review and I hope it’s helpful!

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