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Not Pot Gummies vs. Saha Self-care CBD Artisanal Gumdrops

Hi, my name is Julie and this is a compensated customer testimonial for Saha Self-care.

Product being reviewed: Not Pot Original CBD Gummies

Not Pot Original CBD Gummies Review
Not Pot Original CBD Gummies Review

I use CBD to manage and soothe my daily stress from work, school, relationships, life! Lol. I’ve only used gummies so far as they seem to work for me but I know most people swear by the more traditional tincture oil.

Honestly, I really enjoyed both of these gummy products. First, they both taste great. I went online to compare their ingredients and they both seem to be using really premium, clean ingredients that so that’s great.

They both use CO2 extraction which is supposed to be best in class for CBD but I’m not too sure what it really means, TBH. They also both use pectin and I noticed that both were quite chewy so that’s perhaps why.

One thing I prefer about Saha is the variety of flavors you can choose from. They have seven while Not Pot has two currently.

Not Pot Original CBD Gummies Review
Not Pot Original CBD Gummies Review

Both products are pretty pricey but from a value standpoint, I think Not Pot offers more value.

First the price is less by about $10 and each of the gummies has 20mg of CBD while the Saha gumdrops are $40 and each gumdrop has 10mg of CBD. I know Saha states that theirs are artisanal and small batch and while you can definitely taste the quality, I don’t know that it’s worth the extra $10.

Saha Self-care Artisanal CBD Gumdrops
Saha Self-care Artisanal CBD Gumdrops

If the Saha gumdrops were the same price as the Not Pot gummies, I would definitely pick Saha because of how good they tasted and the fact that you have more flavors to pick from and sometimes you just want to switch it up but at the current price point, I would go with Not Pot.

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