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Foria Wellness vs Saha Self-care: CBD Lubricant Review

Hi, my name is Mian and this is a compensated customer testimonial for Saha Self-care.

Product being reviewed: Foria Wellness Intimacy CBD Lubricant

Intimacy Sex Oil with CBD (formerly Intimacy CBD Lubricant)
Intimacy Sex Oil with CBD (formerly Intimacy CBD Lubricant)

After receiving both samples, I checked the ingredients and they are essentially the same product: coconut oil and CBD. So unless you know that CBD is going to do something for you, you’re better off saving your money and just using coconut oil.

I tried both and to be honest, neither did anything for me. I like that it’s a simple, natural lubricant with no chemicals but I didn’t feel anything from the CBD in either lubricant. I’ve read CBD can help with skin irritation but I don’t have any so, I mean, they’re nice looking products and maybe they’ll work for someone else but for me, I didn’t experience anything from a CBD standpoint.

Just a few things to call out:

  • Both are the same size – 4 oz
  • The Foria Wellness CBD lubricant contains 400mg of CBD while Saha only contains 200mg of CBD
  • Both products are made with broad spectrum CBD
  • The Foria Wellness CBD lubricant costs $44 and the Saha CBD lube costs $39.99
  • Both brands offer subscription discounts: Foria for 15% off and Saha for 20% off
Saha Self-care CBD Lubricant (200mg)
Saha Self-care CBD Lubricant (200mg)
If I had to pick one of these lubes, I would go with Foria Wellness because it has double the CBD amount for about $5 more which seems like a better value but again, the CBD didn’t work for me personally or my partner as far as we know.
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