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CBD for…butt stuff?! Foria Wellness CBD Intimacy Oil vs. Saha’s Organic CBD Lubricant

Hi, my name is Maria and this is a compensated customer testimonial for Saha Self-care.

Product being reviewed: Foria Wellness CBD Sex Oil

Foria Wellness CBD Sex Oil
Foria Wellness CBD Sex Oil

From an ingredients standpoint, these products are the same. Coconut oil and CBD. The difference is that the Foria version has double the amount of CBD than the Saha version. Hi, I’m Maria and my partner and I are pretty adventurous when it comes to sex, just to put that out there. The more of it and kinkier it is, the better!

We’re definitely into butt stuff and decided we wanted to go “au natural” in that department so we decided to do some research on natural lubricant options, including organic oils with no added chemicals, etc.

We both use CBD topicals and were curious about how CBD combined with a lubricant might feel so we decided to give it a go with the Foria Wellness CBD Sex Oil and the Saha Organic CBD lubricant.

Intimacy Sex Oil with CBD
Intimacy Sex Oil with CBD

From a price standpoint, the Foria Wellness CBD Sex Oil is a little more expensive at $45 but you’re getting double the CBD so it’s a better value. Important to note that we didn’t feel anything more or better from the Foria vs. the Saha so perhaps 200mg is enough for the average user?

We don’t know but regardless, you’re getting more for your money with Foria than with Saha.

Saha Self-care Organic CBD Lubricant
Saha Self-care Organic CBD Lubricant

Overall, we were satisfied with both lubricants and as mentioned earlier, didn’t necessarily see an added benefit from the extra CBD in the Foria CBD Sex Oil. We’ll continue to use them and perhaps we’ll discover more down the road but for now, these are two great options for sex lube in general.

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