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FABCBD vs Saha Self-care: The #1 Reason I Picked Saha

Hi, my name is David and this is a compensated customer testimonial for Saha Self-care.

Product being reviewed: FABCBD 2400mg CBD Oil

FABCBD 2400mg CBD Oil
FABCBD 2400mg CBD Oil

Honestly, both CBD oil products worked just fine for me. They are definitely on the stronger side so you taste the CBD when you use them even though they both came in a minty flavor that helps mask the earthy taste but doesn’t eliminate it completely.

Given the stronger CBD dosage of each, they are on the pricier side with the Saha product coming in at $120 and the FAB product coming in at $129 which makes sense since the FAB product has 100mg more CBD so it should cost a little more.

Saha Self-care Soothing CBD Oil Tinctures
Saha Self-care Soothing CBD Oil Tinctures

One thing to point out is that the FABCBD product is made with full spectrum CBD so it does contain trace amounts of THC while the Saha product is made with broad spectrum CBD and contains 0.0% THC.

Like I said earlier, I found both to be solid CBD products that worked for me when I used them (helping me fall and stay asleep). This decision really comes down to whether you want full or broad spectrum CBD. Other than that, they’re both very similar.

Saha Self-care CBD Oil Tinctures
Saha Self-care CBD Oil Tinctures

If I had to pick just one of the two CBD oils however, my #1 reason to pick Saha would be the price. If I can get essentially the same product for a little less and not have to worry about THC to boot, then why wouldn’t I?

I realize the FABCBD version isn’t that much more expensive and has more CBD but when I used both, I didn’t feel like the extra 100mg of CBD made any discernible difference.

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