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Elevate CBD vs. Saha Self-care? The Battle of 2 CBD Topicals

Hi, my name is Devin and this is a compensated customer testimonial for Saha Self-care.

Product being reviewed: Elevate CBD Topical Cream – 4oz. Tub Cooling Therapy

CBD Topical Cream – 4oz. Tub Cooling Therapy
CBD Topical Cream – 4oz. Tub Cooling Therapy

As an aging athlete that’s been very hard on his body, I’m always looking for anything NATURAL that will give me relief from sore joints and muscles. CBD has been on my radar for a while and I’ve used a lot of different products from creams to salves to sprays so I was happy and interested to get the opportunity to compare these two products.

I will start off by saying that from a look and feel standpoint, Elevate CBD’s product is more my speed (no pun intended!). It’s clean and simple and straightforward. Perhaps a little generic and boring compared to some other CBD brands out there but it works for me. I don’t need it to do anything more than work!

CBD Topical Cream – 4oz. Tub Cooling Therapy
CBD Topical Cream – 4oz. Tub Cooling Therapy

I like the cooling effect but again, I can get that from a million other relief products so that’s not as important to me.

Regarding the type of CBD, since I’m not actively competing and not needing to be tested for any reason, I’m more open to the idea of using full spectrum CBD (which has trace amounts of THC) but I prefer that Saha’s product is broad-spectrum with a purported 0.0% of THC. I think for any athlete that needs to be tested,Β  broad-spectrum is safer than full-spectrum but there are no guarantees, of course.

Regarding the Saha product, I found it to be more feminine than the Elevate CBD product and my wife agreed (she actually liked it better than the Elevate CBD product and chose to use it on her ankles and feet right before bed and said it worked wonders so there you go). Personally, I would not take it to the gym or out and about with me.

However, although it’s more expensive, it does have 500mg of CBD compared to 140mg so when you compare the products based on just CBD strength, Saha is a way better value.

If you’re planning on just using at home for achy joints and muscles, I would opt for the Saha Self-care Body Lotion. The scent is very subtle, it goes on smoothly and dries quickly and the price for the quality is excellent.

Saha Self-care CBD Body Lotion (500mg)
Saha Self-care CBD Body Lotion (500mg)


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