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Blush Wellness CBD vs. Saha. Why I Made The Switch.

Hi, my name is Amanda and this is a compensated customer testimonial for Saha Self-care.

Product being reviewed: Blush Wellness 750mg Serenity Gummies

Blush Wellness 750mg Serenity Gummies
Blush Wellness 750mg Serenity Gummies

I’m a big fan of Blush Wellness and have been very happy with the brand over the year or so I’ve been purchasing from them. I respect that it’s a woman-owned brand and feel good about supporting their business. They offer a pretty good variety of products but I used their 750mg Serenity Gummies to help with stress and anxiety. They taste great, have yummy flavors and I like that their gummies have 25mg of CBD vs. the typical 10mg.

Blush Wellness 750mg Serenity Gummies
Blush Wellness 750mg Serenity Gummies

They also have a really professional website that’s really trustworthy and easy-to-use. You can tell they put a lot of effort into it unlike a lot of CBD brands that just slap something up and don’t really invest in their branding and overall presentation. Overall, it’s really easy to see why customers love this brand and are really big fans and advocates.

Honestly, the biggest reason I’ve switched over to Saha is because Blush Wellness is unfortunately going out of business. They’ve slashed their prices as a result so now is a great time to stock-up but their customer service has really nose-dived which, I guess, is understandable given the circumstances.

Okay, so now, enter Saha. I tried their complimentary Artisanal CBD Gumdrops and was pleasantly surprised by the following: they are delicious and they have a great variety of flavors for every palette. I really enjoyed the Black Currant gumdrops. You can taste the quality. They’re fresh , chewy and really good chilled.

Saha Self-care 300mg CBD Gumdrops
Saha Self-care 300mg CBD Gumdrops

Although they only have 10mg of CBD per gumdrop, they are reasonably priced, especially when you layer on the free shipping on all orders and the 20% off with AutoShip.

If not for Blush Wellness closing down, I’d probably still continue to use them but Saha is a great brand with a great product and price. Now that I’ve learned about them and have had a chance to try them out for free, I plan to buy from them and will just take two gumdrops to make up for the fact that each has 10mg of CBD vs. 25mg with Blush Wellness.

Artisanal CBD Gumdrops
Artisanal CBD Gumdrops

In conclusion:

  1. With Blush Wellness going out of business, I had to make a switch somewhere else and the complimentary gumdrops from Saha made it easy to make that switch.
  2. Saha’s gumdrops are premium and high-quality. When they say they’re made small-batch, it’s easy to believe when you taste them.
  3. The price is right. Their gumdrops are very affordable and competitive with the market. You get an even better deal if you sign up for AutoShip.


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