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"Literally the FRESHEST CBD gumdrops I've tasted..." 🍏🍒🍊

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  • Made in our state-of-the-art CBD kitchen
  • Small batch CBD gumdrops that are fresh and chewy
  • Gluten free and vegan with 0.0% THC
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If you haven’t tried our best-selling CBD gumdrops yet, you’re in for a treat! Made in small batches to preserve that home made quality, our CBD gumdrops are always fresh, chewy and delicious. Whether you’re new to CBD or a seasoned expert, our CBD gumdrops are designed to deliver.

CBD Gumdrop Product Details:

  • Available in: Blackcurrant, Blueberry, Cherry, Citrus Medley, Elderflower, Green Apple and Pineapple
  • Each CBD gumdrop contains 10mg of premium CBD
  • 30 gumdrops in each BPA-free jar for a total of 300mg of CBD
  • Made with broad spectrum CBD and pectin (not gelatin)
  • 100% THC free, gluten free and vegan

Each Saha order ships free on us and, when necessary, returns do too. Additionally we offer a 30 day – no questions asked – satisfaction guarantee.

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Certificate of Analysis

At Saha, investing in and delivering premium quality is our top priority. We demonstrate that each and every CBD batch from which our products are made has the type and level of CBD stated on the labeling, packaging, and website.

Every product that we make is backed by an exhaustive set of third-party Certificates of Analysis that are available by clicking the link below.

All products include separate analyses for the cannabinoid profile and potency, heavy metals, residual solvents, pesticides/herbicides/insecticides, microbes, fungi, water activity, and foreign matter.

We continue to add additional tests to comply with the most proactive regulations in the country.

View the Certificate of Analysis for this product.


Cane sugar, Confectioner’s Corn Syrup, Pectin derived from fruits, Food-grade Citric Acid, 92 degree Coconut Oil, Hemp-derived Broad Spectrum THC-free Hemp Oil Distillate, Natural Flavors and colors


What do CBD gummies and CBD gumdrops do?

CBD-infused edibles like gummies and gumdrops interact with our endocannabinoid system. The cannabinoids in CBD Gummies bind to receptors throughout our bodies, which can help reduce stress and anxiety giving the user a relaxing experience. CBD edibles may have other health benefits, like promoting better sleep and reducing joint and muscle discomfort.

Are CBD gummies and CBD gumdrops the same thing?

Essentially, yes, CBD gummies and CBD gumdrops are the same thing. Although recipes and ingredients may differ slightly, they are both generally made the same way and the biggest differences are shape, texture and density.

Do CBD gummies and CBD gumdrops work for anxiety?

CBD gumdrops and gummies can be a safe and effective way of managing daily stress and anxiety. They come in pre-measured doses of CBD in a delicious chewy, fruit-flavored base such as gelatin and pectin.

Are CBD gummies and CBD gumdrops legitimate?

Yes, because CBD gummies and CBD gumdrops are currently classified as nutritional supplements by the FDA, they should be 100% natural and safe to take. Additionally, they won’t give you a high because they either don’t contain any THC or just trace amounts that cannot make you feel high.

Do CBD gummies and CBD gumdrops make you relax?

CBD may help you feel more relaxed or less anxious, but don’t worry, they won’t make you feel high if you choose to use a CBD gummy or gumdrop as they have to have less than 0.3% THC in order to be legally sold.

Do CBD gummies and CBD gumdrops really relax you?

Although there is not enough medical or scientific research and evidence to prove that CBD gummies and CBD gumdrops work, anecdotally there is a lot of support for CBD in general in that it helps people manage daily stress, reduce muscle and joint discomfort and also help improve poor sleep.

Do CBD gummies and CBD gumdrops get you to sleep?

Anecdotally, CBD gummies and CBD gumdrops can be an excellent, natural way to help you get to sleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake feeling more refreshed.

How many CBD gummies or CBD gumdrops should I eat?

Everyone responds to CBD differently and CBD gummies and gumdrops can come in different strengths such as 10mg 0r 25mg so the best thing to do is start “low and slow” and then take more CBD as needed. That being said, our customers usually take 1–5 gummies throughout the course of the day. Again though, there is no universal dosage for CBD – everyone is different.

96 reviews for Artisanal CBD Gumdrops

  1. Avatar


    Eating these way faster than I should! 🙂
    Addictively tasty!

    • Avatar

      Saha Customer Satisfaction Team

      Hi Sean.
      Thanks for your kind review! 🙂

  2. Avatar


    Can’t beat the quality; truly delicious.
    Great product. Really enjoying it.

    • Avatar

      Saha Customer Satisfaction Team

      Hi Patrick.
      Thank you for your review. We appreciate it. 🙂

  3. Avatar


    Green apple fiend!
    Seriously fresh and delicious!

    • Avatar

      Saha Customer Satisfaction Team

      Hi Ruth,
      Thank you for your kind review. We’re glad you liked it. 🙂

  4. Avatar


    Love that these gumdrops are vegan!
    Appreciate that these gumdrops are made from pectin and not gelatin!

    • Avatar

      Saha Customer Satisfaction Team

      Hi TJ!
      Thank you so much for your time leaving a review. WE appreciate it!

  5. Avatar


    Best tasting gummies I’ve tasted!
    Fresh and delicious!

    • Avatar

      Saha Customer Satisfaction Team

      Hi Joel.
      Thank you so much for you lovely feedback!

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Citrus Medley, Elderflower, Blackcurrant, Blueberry, Cherry, Green Apple, Pineapple