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5 Simple Ways to Beat The Mid-Day ZZZZZ’s

When we start each morning consciously, no matter how strong we intend to remain on track and have a wonderfully productive day, something always seems to happen about 2 p.m. We’ve struck a stalemate in the afternoon. You’ve seen it before. Your concentration begins to waver. Your attention span appears to be limited when concentrating on anything. Your eyes get dilated. The feeling of being tired kicks in. T

he feeling of being drowsy in the afternoon is real…and for a good cause. Why? And what can we do about midday drowsiness?


Why We Experience Afternoon Sleepiness

It’s very natural to feel sleepy in the afternoon. Our circadian rhythm, a natural biological mechanism that governs our sleep/wake cycles throughout the day, is at the root of everything. At different periods of the day, our circadian rhythm rises and falls. We become drowsy when it falls below a certain level. Circadian rhythms fall twice a day, according to the National Sleep Foundation.

The first is during the hours of 2-4 a.m. when we are most likely to fall asleep deeply. The second occurs between 1-3 p.m., which is why we get that afternoon slump. If you don’t have the time for a midday nap, other options for overcoming afternoon fatigue don’t include coffee.


5 Ways to Beat Afternoon Sleepiness

While it may be tempting to make a blanket fort in your office and snooze, there are alternative (more constructive) ways to beat the afternoon slump. When afternoon tiredness strikes, these are five of our favorite things to do.


Move Your Body

Sitting at your desk all day might deplete your energy levels significantly. When your circadian rhythm drops in the middle of the day, one of the finest things you can do is exercise your body. The body and mind are linked, and getting up and moving might help you gain physical and mental momentum.Β 

Even getting up and walking about the office can help you feel more energized so you can get the remainder of your day done. What’s better? Take a stroll outside in the sunshine. Not only will the exercise benefit you, but being in the sun will also help you feel better and give you more energy. The brain produces more serotonin due to exposure to sunlight, which naturally improves your mood.

You may undertake various stretching exercises at your desk to combat afternoon tiredness and re-energize for the remainder of the day. Can’t spare an hour during your lunch break to visit your local yoga studio? It’s no issue. Just a few stretches at your desk will be enough. The following are some suggestions from Yoga Journal:

  • Side stretch
  • Shoulder rolls
  • Neck stretch
  • Open chest stretch
  • Chair twist

Just 5–10 minutes of easy stretching at your desk will significantly boost your physical and mental energy levels.


Be Smart With Your Snacks


Being wise with your snacks is one of the greatest ways to combat afternoon tiredness. At two o’clock in the afternoon, the desires for carbohydrates, sugar, and caffeine are genuine. We completely understand. The best thing you can do is say no when it comes to coffee and scones at 2 p.m., no matter how badly you want them.

Giving your body what it requires (rather than what it desires) to produce energy is the key to smart snacking. High-protein snacks will help you stay awake and will help you overcome sugar and carb cravings. A few nuts, a few pieces of cheese, and a little piece of fruit come to mind.

Apple slices with almond butter, vegetables, hummus, Greek yogurt, granola, or a fruit-and-nut trail mix are more healthy snacks to consider. Another great smart snack choice is hard-boiled eggs. Eggs are one of the greatest protein sources available, with six grams per egg. Why? Eggs are a complete protein because they contain all the required amino acids.

When you go for more than 4–5 hours without eating, your natural energy levels start to plummet. If you ate lunch had noon, a sensible snack about 2 p.m. could help you keep the energy you need to avoid afternoon lethargy and get the remainder of your day done.


Sip on a CBD-Infused Energy Drink


Instead of going to your neighborhood coffee shop in the middle of the day, try a CBD-infused energy drink. Don’t get us wrong: we’re major coffee drinkers. If you consume it after 2 p.m., though, we’ll be counting sheep all night. Did you know that a 16oz cup of coffee contains over 200mg of caffeine on average? It’s no surprise that we’re wide awake at night when we drink it to combat daytime tiredness.

Instead of going to your local Starbucks, go for our CBD Energy Drink Mix when you’re feeling down in the afternoon. Why? It’s a quick-acting, all-natural remedy for that noon energy boost we all need. It contains a specific combination of herbs proven to increase energy levels and a variety of vitamins and minerals. Each sugar-free package contains 12.5mg of water-soluble CBD with a broad spectrum.

While our CBD Energy Drink does include caffeine, it is just 75mg so that you won’t be deprived of sleep by 10 p.m. However, you’re likely to get out of your afternoon funk. Simply combine one packet with 12-24 ounces of water.


Consider a Mini Midday Meditation


Meditation has become popular for a reason. It’s fantastic for unwinding and rejuvenating the mind, body, and spirit. A little lunchtime meditation is great for releasing any tension built up during the day. It can help you focus on whatever duties you still need to do and resume your creative flow.

A lunchtime meditation can help you interrupt your habitual thought patterns and give your brain the boost it requires to get through the rest of the day. Various guided meditations are accessible online that you may listen to while sitting at your computer with your headphones on. Some are made for when you need a little assistance clearing your thoughts and recharging your soul in the afternoon.

If you’re not a “led meditation” person, even sitting quietly at your desk for a few minutes and focusing on your breathing will help you battle afternoon tiredness. Simply close your eyes and focus on gently breathing in for a count of 10, then slowly breathing out for a count of 10. If you lose track of your count, simply start over. Even a few rounds of this mini-meditation approach may completely transform your afternoon.


Take a Break

Taking a break to battle afternoon tiredness may seem obvious, but you’d be shocked how many people just push through to the conclusion of their day without taking a few minutes to relax. We invite you to take a break if you’re one of them. Seriously, 5–10 minutes of “me time” in the afternoon will help you regroup and conquer the remainder of your day.

Taking a break to battle afternoon tiredness may seem obvious, but you’d be shocked how many people push through to the conclusion of their day without taking a few minutes to relax. We invite you to take a break if you’re one of them. Seriously, 5–10 minutes of “me time” in the afternoon will help you regroup and conquer the remainder of your day. You should not ignore the necessity of taking pauses.

Even if it’s tempting to keep working, those 5–10 minutes will help you get out of the afternoon slump. You need to take this time to refuel and reconnect so that the remainder of your day goes well.


You Can Overcome Afternoon Sleepiness

It’s usual to feel tired in the afternoon; it’s all part of the body’s natural internal clock. However, when afternoon tiredness sets in, knowing how to work with our bodies (rather than against them) may make all the difference in how we perceive the day. While our circadian cycles play a role in why we grow sleepy in the afternoon, our lifestyle habits also significantly influence us.

Do you get enough shut-eye at night? According to experts, healthy individuals should receive at least seven hours of sleep each night. Have you had your breakfast yet? It is considered to be the most significant meal of the day. If that’s the case, what did you have for breakfast? Most health experts recommend eating a hearty, well-balanced breakfast that gradually provides the energy we require throughout the day. Are you keeping yourself hydrated all day, every day? Water is necessary for life…as well as our energy levels. Drinking too little during the day might exacerbate the afternoon slump.

Is it possible for you to obtain enough exercise during the week? Adults should practice a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity each week, according to the Department of Health & Human Services (HSS). If you don’t get enough of this, you can be running out of energy in the afternoon. The first step toward overcoming afternoon tiredness is to experiment with different solutions. Looking for extra energy that lasts throughout the day? It’s entirely feasible. All you need to know is how to accomplish it.

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