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Ranked one of Healthline's 5 Top CBD brands. Again.
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500+ satisfied customers
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100% black-owned and funded

Top 20 BIPOC Owned Businesses to Check Out in 2021

Are you struggling to find BIPOC-owned businesses? Then this list will change your life!

From fashion, hair, and beauty products to baked goods, coffee, and cleaning products, these top 20 Black and Indigenous People of Color-owned businesses are sure to meet all your shopping needs.

Check out these fantastic businesses that will be trending in 2021!

Top 20 BIPOC-Owned Businesses to Shop

1.      Séka Hills

Séka Hills is a diverse farm in Yolo County, selling specialty foods from the Yocha Dehe Wintun tribe. With 16 different crops on 300 acres, including alfalfa, oats, almonds, rye, and over 700 head of cattle, they honor their ancestors and culture through food production.

Their massive sustainable farming operation and a commitment to conservation in California are what set them apart. They have almost 22,000 acres under production and take care of this land with an almost sacred sense of responsibility. The Séka family has taken the future into account by committing 1,200 acres to permanent conservation easements. They’re also certified organic – meaning healthy plants for healthy animals and the humans that eat them!

Shop Séka Hills.

2.      Red Bay Coffee Roasters

Keba Konte, a celebrated artist and successful food entrepreneur with deep roots in the San Francisco Bay Area specialty coffee and hospitality community, founded Red Bay Coffee Roasters in 2014. His socially responsible movement celebrates quality over quantity and sustainability rather than mass production, which has built its reputation around fostering diversity inclusion through hiring minorities, people with disabilities, people of color, women, and the formerly incarcerated who are often marginalized from capitalistic ventures.

With their firm commitment to not only to ensure that coffee is produced sustainably but also that all employees are compensated fairly for their work, we gladly put our name on this carefully curated package of beans because it’s good coffee done right!

Shop Red Bay Coffee Roasters.

3.      Madison Grace

We know you care about people, the environment, and being good to your wallet. Madison Grace gives you a space to be all three with a carefully curated selection of handcrafted artisan bags, coconut wax candles, ethically made jewelry, and eco-friendly homeware.

If you’re the kind of person who not only wants to do good but also look good and value supporting causes with one purchase, this is the brand for you. Your clothes are stylish, your bags are chic, and your soaps smell great! Perfect for those looking for a handcrafted souvenir with style that makes a difference.

Shop Madison Grace.

4.      Paola Vilas

Brazilian jewelry designer Paola Vilas has a refreshing take on jewelry that is modern and feminist-inspired. All elements for the brand use 18k gold and silver plating and are locally sourced and handmade in limited runs. This uniqueness allows each piece to have a lot of personality and environmental consciousness.

Paola Vilas’ jewelry collection focuses on feminist themes, exploring how women interact with the modern, fast-paced world through work, romantic relationships, family life, and community. They use jewelry as a wearable statement of their beliefs and make personal connections.

Shop Paola Vilas.

5.      Reparations Club

If you’re looking for a BIPOC-owned business to find your next read, some good vibes, and a moment of relaxation, REP Club is the answer. This black-owned bookstore and creative space has the books and events to make you see life differently. They also sell tickets to black-centric events and, for added wellness, smoke cleansing stick kits that you can use in the home.

Shop Reparations Club.

6.      She Native

Every woman deserves to have an outlet for expression, and that’s why She Native created this native-inspired line of clothes, leather goods, and accessories, which speak eloquently on behalf of Native American culture.

They create bold and inspiring pieces that share a deep knowledge of ancestral teachings embedded with positive values passed down by Indigenous culture. She Native aims to make fashion fun and relevant with conscious offerings made with quality craftsmanship, where each piece speaks something about what it means to be an indigenous woman in the modern world.

Shop She Native.

7.      Live Tinted

Live Tinted is a BIPOC-owned business and makeup brand for a woman of color who understands the power of color to transform her looks. British Asian Deepica Mutyala is the woman behind Live Tinted. She went viral with her red lipstick video hack in 2015, which catapulted her career into the beauty industry.

Live Tinted specializes in makeup products that reflect the uniqueness of women of color who possess all skin shades from light to dark! They believe that beauty doesn’t have one perfect look or one correct answer. This brand is easily one of the largest beauty communities today focused on inclusive and diverse beauty.

Shop Live Tinted.

8.      Enzi Footwear

If you’ve been looking to upgrade your kicks, Enzi Footwear is at the forefront of the leather shoe revolution. This innovative shoe company makes premium, ethically-made sneakers in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia crafted from full-grain leather.

Not only do they last forever (because they are handcrafted from quality African leather by expert Ethiopian shoemakers), but their deconstructed take on the classic mid-cut design makes them supremely comfortable for the workweek or extended weekend wear. We recommend grabbing one of each: black leathers for creating that sophisticated workplace stamp and brown leather for that unique weekend look! Or better yet, why not pick a shoe in your favorite color?

Shop Enzi Footwear.

9.      Ivy’s Tea Co.

Love aromatic herbal blends that are known to have healing properties? You’ve got a friend in Ivy’s Tea Co. and their Hip-Hop-inspired tea flavors. Ivy’s Tea Co. is owned by master herbalist, Shanae Jones, a Bowie State University graduate who studied English Literature with a focus on Africana Studies.

In 2016, she won a business grant which she used for an herbal apprenticeship. From there, she grew Ivy’s Tea Co. into the company that has changed our perspectives on tea.

Shop Ivy’s Tea Co. here.

10. Theopolis Vineyards

Theopolis Vineyards, a small lot vineyard and handcrafted winery in California, is making great wines. They grow grapes, produce the wine right at the vineyard, and distribute it nationwide – And they’re just getting started!

Founder Theodora R. Lee, a dynamic San Francisco trial lawyer, blasted into California to build her dream of sourcing wild varieties that are a new take on grapes from traditional regions such as France and Italy. They have a fantastic future ahead with several award-winning bottles already under their belt.

Let’s give this queen of the vines some love! We are crazy for these passionate folks!

Shop Theopolis Vineyards.

11. Hummingbird Candle Co.

The Hummingbird Candle Co is one of the newest additions to the BIPOC-owned, black women-led firebrand movement. This company makes phthalate and paraben-free scented candles that are also child and pet-safe.

Humming Bird Candle Co. believes in empowering women; in fact, only women pour their eco-friendly candles. This candle isn’t your average store-bought candle, though – they are handmade from entirely eco-friendly, locally sourced materials while creating much-needed employment through hiring women!

Shop Hummingbird Candle Co.

12. Sister Sage

Sisters Sage is an Indigenous-inspired Canadian brand whose goal is to promote confidence through self-care and wellness. Started by two sisters in 2018, they use traditional indigenous ingredients like sage to create top-quality self-care products, including bath bombs, medicinal salves, smokeless smudge, and cold-processed soaps.

Whether you’re enjoying these products in the bath with your loved ones or living out on your journey, Sisters Sage has got you covered. Your soul will be sparkled up and ready to go back into this world again, stronger than ever before, and fabulous too!

Shop Sister Sage.

13. BLK + GRN Marketplace

BLK + GRN is about a different kind of beauty. A ceaselessly unique beauty crafted with love, empathy, and care, taking away from the harmful beauty products and practices previously used by the black community.

This marketplace, a platform for all-natural skincare, Mom-and-Baby products, beauty, grocery, and hair products, goes anywhere to bring you gorgeous natural products carefully curated by black artisans for your personal use. And with their unique motto, “we’re black but live green,” they also emphasize their care for the planet and all things natural.

Shop BLK + GRN.

14. Cambio & Co.

The Cambio & Co. story is one of cultural pride and remembrance for Filipinos living in the diaspora. The brand empowers people to wear their Filipino heritage with pride by connecting the diaspora to Filipino artisans in need of employment. There are women worldwide living without opportunity because they don’t have access to livable wage jobs or education. By purchasing a handmade piece from Cambio & Co., you’re supporting sustainable livelihoods for Filipino artists on their home island.

They make you proud to wear your Filipina heritage around (even if you’re not Filipino, it’s an exciting fashion and beauty brand to try out), knowing that not only does it look good, but it means something profound too.

Shop Cambio & Co.

15. Partake Foods

Allergic to peanuts, soy, dairy, or tree nuts? Partake Foods has got you covered. When this black couple’s daughter was diagnosed with severe food allergies, they could not find healthy and delicious snacks that were safe for her to eat. Frustrated by the lack of options, Mom Denise left her corporate job and set up Partake Foods.

All their products are baked fresh with no GMO, artificial flavors, and allergens. Their passion for great tasting baked goods without all the nasties and made with organic ingredients (locally sourced whenever possible) will leave you loving every morsel of their tasty treats!

Shop Partake Foods.

16. BLK & Bold

BLK & Bold is another brand to watch out for in 2021 and the third specialty beverage BIPOC-owned business on our list. They specialize in sourcing the finest coffees and rarest teas from around the world with an emphasis on ethical trading.

Their beans and tea leaves are roasted specially for each type of jolt – whether caffeinated or decaf – to perfection. BLK & Bold also supports organizations that help at-risk youth be all they can be by donating 5% of their profits towards non-profit organizations that work with them across America.

If that’s not a worthy cause, we don’t know what is!

Shop BLK + Bold.

17. Cocoa Cutie

Cocoa Cutie celebrates everything minority children! The day the brand was born, people of color felt included and like the whole world had their doors open to them! Denise, established artist and founder of Cocoa Cutie, was inspired by her nieces and nephews to create the company.

So why not give that same feeling to your little one? Clothing and accessories for playtime or dress-up time are just waiting for you at this store. They also offer BIPOC-centric craft kits, homeware, dolls and other toys, and swimwear so our children can explore their creativity while building all-important self-esteem.

Shop Cocoa Cutie.

18. Proclaim

Say goodbye to never-matching “nude” bras! Proclaim, an inclusive lingerie line, has got you covered with their eco-friendly and stylish cuts that don’t just look great but feel even better. Shobha Philips launched her company when she couldn’t find a “nude” bra that matched her brown skin tone.

When you shop Proclaim, you’re not just supporting a beautiful BIPOC-owned business, but you are being good to the environment. Proclaim’s unique cut-out bras are made from 100% recycled plastic water bottles!

This brand is about giving women of color another option for bras, which fits them with no exceptions, making them feel confident. So, ditch the uncomfortable bumps under your shirt and invest in Proclaim!

Shop Proclaim.

19. Subrina Heyik Vintage on Instagram

Add a bit of vintage flair to your outfits with Subrina Heyik Vintage.

Browse through a wide range of hand-picked, vintage fashion pieces that span decades and styles. They don’t get more authentic than what you’ll find at Subrina’s. From oversized ‘80s shirts to classic ‘90s denim, you won’t be able to decide what you should buy first!

Shop Subrina Heyik Vintage.

20. Saha Self Care

We don’t mean to toot our own horn, but Saha Self Care is just one of the BIPOC-owned businesses making a difference in 2021. Founded by Charles Smith in 2019, it is 100% black-owned and funded. Charles has been in the digital marketing and e-commerce space for over 16 years, delivering consumer experiences for start-ups and billion-dollar global brands.

Saha Self Care sells cruelty-free, hemp-derived products carefully sourced from only the most trusted US farms. They deliver wellness and natural skin care products that treat eczema, psoriasis, and even stress. Their all-natural skincare line offers relief by providing highly concentrated plant healing agents to the skin. Essential in our business differentiation is always to deliver high-quality products with the correct labeling and full transparency on testing.

Shop Saha Self Care.

Does Supporting BIPOC-Owned Businesses Have an Impact?

It certainly does!

Even though there has been a recent growth of BIPOC owned businesses in the US, they still face many barriers. The last US Census Survey of Business Owners (SBO) showed that while black people comprise approximately 12% percent of the total US population, there were two million black-owned businesses in 2020 in the United States, making up just 9.5% of all US business owners. These percentages contrast with the white population, who comprise 62.8% of the US population and own 70.9% of all businesses.

The general trends for minority-owned businesses are optimistic and even more reason why we need to support them. Asians have increased business ownership rates from 3 % to 6% in 2020, with Chinese Americans alone now owning 4% of all US businesses. Likewise, over the past decade, the number of Hispanic business owners has grown a record 34%, accounting for 4% of US business revenues.

Still, there is a wide gap in both revenues and size of Black, Asian, and Hispanic-owned businesses compared with other groups due to several factors, including limited access to affordable credit and lower rates of homeownership. This disparity keeps widening the wealth gap between minority groups and the white population.

In Conclusion

It’s 2021, and there is still a need for more BIPOC-owned businesses. From food and fashion to technology and beauty, these 20 black, indigenous, and people of color-owned enterprises are just a few examples of where you can purchase unique, high-quality products while supporting a cause you believe in.

Supporting black-owned businesses is so much more than just talk and really a matter of taking action. Think about it this way; if every customer spent $5 on one item at each of the BIPOC-owned businesses listed here, we’d generate over $1 billion in sales revenue for black and indigenous peoples communities, showing them that minority and black lives do matter.

If you want to put your money where your mouth is when it comes to supporting people of color, take some time today to check out these amazing stores to see what’s available. Follow this link for more handy government resources on supporting BIPOC-owned businesses in America.

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