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The Best CBD Bath Salts

A hot bath is like a ritual for me after stressing days when it feels like the sky is raining paperwork and the wind is carrying arguments. It’s even my go-to savior after an intense training session to relieve some stress and ease the sore muscles.

Since people around me know how I like to try different bath products, I’ve been getting endless CBD salts recommendations. To be honest, I was skeptical at first, but I dug into them and tried several products while I’m at it. So, here are the results of my long hours of research. Oh, and my experience with countless relaxing baths as well!

What Are CBD Bath Salts?

Let’s get some things straight first! CBD, which stands for cannabidiol, won’t get you high, and it’s not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease either. Indeed, it’s one of the cannabinoids found in the Cannabis Sativa and hemp plant. 

However, we’re talking about hemp-derived CBD here, which contains less than 0.2 percent of the psychoactive THC. This percentage isn’t enough to induce psychoactive reactions or manage pain in the way narcotics do. But it has its lesser benefits that are way safer and non-addictive.

That’s why Cbd-infused products are legal everywhere, and you’ll most probably find them in the state you live in without a hassle.

Benefits of CBD Bath Salts

You won’t find tons of scientific papers and studies talking about the magical effects of CBD. It’s mostly proven by some scientific research along with the trials and experience of long-time users. 

The thing is, when you take a hot bath, the heat causes your skin pores to open and your blood vessels to vasodilate. This allows the ingredients of your bath to be absorbed into your system. Since CBD has anti-aging properties, you’ll feel your skin moisturized, less itchy, and extra smooth.

It also chases stress and anxiety out of your body, which is why I come out of the bath relaxed. Moreover, it helps alleviate the pain caused by muscle cramps or tension.

However, the highlight of CBD’s benefits is its anti-inflammatory properties. Apart from the fact that these properties help users with skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis, they get rid of the occasional pimples that come out of nowhere and grow on our faces and bodies.

I was astonished by this information at first but found that it’s actually true. After CBD salt baths, I find my skin more hydrated and completely free from these annoying pimples and acne spots that surprisingly appear only when I’m getting ready for a wedding or swinging by a friend’s party.

All in all, like any bath salts, CBD salts can’t heal or reverse any serious conditions. Yet, there are definitely some merits that make them worth a try.

CBD Soaking Bath Salts (350mg)

The 5 Best CBD Bath Salts

Time to let you on the top CBD bath salts that have become a massive part of my self-care routine. Since the Food and Drug Administration does not regulate CBD products, it’s important to choose trustworthy brands. 

I don’t just use any products on my body, so I can assure you that the following list includes reliable brands that use the right dose of CBD without adulterating it with harmful toxins or heavy metals. So, let’s get to them!

1. Saha Selfcare CBD-Infused Bath Salts

By far, this is my favorite cbd bath salt and the product I choose to switch off for a while and let my body relax. The ingredients include hemp-derived full-spectrum CBD along with a mixture of essential oils, including eucalyptus, lavender, and citrus. They are the reason why the salt smells like a dream and provide endless relaxation and relief. 

It also contains Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate), white willow bark, arnica and calendula petals, which help with muscle recovery and improve skin circulation. I like that all the used ingredients are natural with no harsh or artificial elements. Moreover, it’s suitable for all skin types and acts as a soothing agent to the most sensitive skins. 

The slow-infused formula slowly flows to your system to gradually unwind your stress, so don’t be shocked if the effect isn’t instantaneous. 

2. Lord Jones High CBD Formula Bath Salts

If you’re willing to spare some money for a luxurious CBD bath that smells like something you’d spray all over your pillows before you go to sleep, Lord Jones will make your day.

The ingredients include broad-spectrum hemp-derived CBD oil, Epsom salt, and Arnica. Just the right blend to calm the mind and body. 

The thing that I really like about Lorn Jones products is that they treat you like a queen. Starting from the fancy packaging that I’d gladly use to decorate my bathroom’s shelf with and ending with the fancy feeling you have after the bath, this product is all about luxury and classiness.

The only drawback is its hefty price. However, you get a big glass jar with a heaping scoop to help you add the right amount of CBD to your bath. Each jar contains about 240 mg of CBD and the recommended CBD dose in this formula is 20 mg so the jar should last you for 12 baths. 

3. Empower Soaking Salts

Empower just differs from other brands. It incorporates the perfect blend for a self-care session after a long week of work. With pharmaceutical-grade Epsom salts, CBD from industrial hemp, pink Himalayan Sea salt as well as Dead Sea salt in the formula, you’re on a date with a soothing bath experience.

I used this product after a day from hell in the gym. After a couple of minutes in the bathtub, I felt my muscles recovering and all the soreness dissolving in the water. I was refreshed and ready to take a nap with a calm mind and boosted mood. 

Apart from the high-quality CBD, the product uses therapeutic essential oils such as lavender, bergamot and wintergreen. You can imagine how beautiful it smells with this unique blend. 

If you’re a true CBD fan and want a product that’ll impact you in a new form, this soaking salt will be a fun choice. Just be aware that it comes in two versions. The first is the one with a black label and is only available in Oregon. This one contains THC, and you can’t buy it outside Oregon. However, the white label version is free from THC and is available in all states. 

4. Westlab Mindful Bathing Salts

Westlab Mindful salt is another fragrant, mineral-infused bath that uses more than one essential oil to create a dreamy smell. It’s an affordable choice to enjoy a moment of peace and tranquillity with the help of a high CBD formula that contains magnesium-rich Epsom salt and Himalayan Sea salt. 

If you’re new to CBD baths or curious about whether you’ll like them or not, this product will make a good starting point. I tried it at first when I wasn’t very sure, and the result was a growing and intense passion for CBD salts. 

It comes in beautiful packaging and is super easy to use. I especially like the fragrant Frankincense and Bergamot essential oils, which create a smell that doesn’t mellow out once they’re in the water.

5. Diamond CBD Pro Bath Salts

Diamond Pro is a high CBD formula that’s made with highly active people in mind. This soothing magic is the most expensive on my list, even pricier than Lord Jones. However, I’d go as far as say it’s worth every penny, considering it’s the most potent soaking salt out there. 

The ingredients include a combination of all-natural industrial hemp CBD, a blend of essential oils, and more than 80 phytocannabinoids that seem to relieve muscle tension and fill the empty energy tanks. It was so relaxing when I used it, and my muscle cramps felt like they weren’t even there before I jumped into the bath. 

Diamond Pro was able to amaze me even after I left the bathtub. My skin felt very smooth, and the unique scent hasn’t left my body even after I went to bed.

In Conclusion

I’ve become a fan of CBD bath salts since the first time I tried them, so I hope that this article has answered some of your questions and maybe encouraged you to give one of these products a try.

Oh, I have one last thing before I say goodbye. To get the best of your bath, add the measured amount of salt in the running water while you’re filling the tub. This helps them get mixed better. Moreover, try not to rush yourself out of the tub before at least 20 minutes so that you can get the maximum benefit from your hot bath. 

Finally, enjoy your bath!

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