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Creating a Mindful Morning Routine with CBD

Are you interested in making a Morning Routine with CBD? The way you start your day has a major influence on the remainder of the day. Are you meditating & doing a calm yoga before leaving the house, prepared for whatever the day may hold? Maybe not so much? Please don’t feel awful.

Most people do not begin their day with a focused morning practice. We push the snooze button on the alarm clock till we have to get out of bed. We ran around trying to get out the door and winded up disorganized, distracted, and raided the entire day, never quite getting everything done that had to be done.

We then stressed how our day went, oblivious that merely starting our day out differently may have had a major impact on how our day proceeded.


Why a Morning Routine with CBD Matters

If all of this running about and early craziness seems all too familiar, it’s time to add some mindfulness to your daily routine. The magic happens in the mornings. You still don’t trust us? Morning routines are followed by some of the world’s most successful people. Oprah Winfrey begins her attentive daily ritual with 20 minutes of meditation, which she claims brings her “hope, contentment, and genuine delight.” She then goes on a stroll, cooks a meal, or listens to music for at least 15 minutes before “tuning herself in.” Her morning routine usually includes a nutritious lunch.

Tim Ferris, the author of the 4-Hour Work Week, claims that making his bed first thing in the morning gave him a sense of accomplishment and made him feel like he’s already achieved something. After that, he meditates for 10-20 minutes, works out for at least 30 minutes, and consumes a strong cup of tea. He wraps up his attentive morning ritual with some journaling, which he claims helps him “push the ball ahead and feel better throughout the day.”

We’ve created our version of a mindful morning practice at Saha Self-Care. Our thoughtful morning practice includes CBD, staying true to our origins. We’re pleased to offer our recommendations for a pleasant, thoughtful morning routine if you’re ready to quit pushing snooze and finally make the most of your mornings. We can also provide CBD.

Morning Routine


5 Ways to Create a Mindful, Relaxing Morning Routine with CBD


Set Your Alarm for 30 Minutes Earlier

What if, instead of clicking the snooze button on your alarm clock every morning for 30 minutes, you got up 30 minutes earlier? Don’t overlook the impact that an extra 30 minutes may have on your day. Imagine waking up without racing about like a maniac instead of allowing the day to unfold with a greater sense of tranquility.

Waking up early in the morning helps you sleep better, be more productive, and focus better. You’d be surprised at how quiet the world is early in the morning if you’ve never been up in the morning. At 6 a.m., we like to believe this planet is a little more generous. Waking up this early is the first step to a thoughtful morning that will help you maximize the remainder of your day.


List 5 Things You’re Thankful for Before You Get out of Bed

If you’re like most people, your mind starts racing the instant you wake up, with ideas of what has to be done today, what occurred the day before, and a million other things. Have you ever considered that simply waking up is a reason to feel grateful? Want to establish a thoughtful Morning Routine with CBD that will help you appreciate each day for what it is? Before you get out of bed, make a list of five things for which you are grateful.

It might be anything that occurred the day before, the fact that you have a job to go to, or the fact that you have a place to live. Every day, there’s always something to be grateful for.

One of the behaviors of happy individuals is to express thanks. Giving gratitude can help you feel more pleasant emotions, sleep better, be more empathetic and caring, and improve your physical health. We think starting the day by writing down five things you’re grateful for is a lot better than surfing through social media, which brings us to our second step in a thoughtful morning ritual.


Don’t Look at Your Phone

According to research, 80 percent of smartphone users check their phones within 15 minutes of waking up, according to research? Reaching for their phone, whether it’s to check their email, update their social media status, stalk someone’s Instagram account, or do any of the other million things a smartphone allows you to do, is a major no-no if you want to start your day off a little more consciously.

Do yourself a favor and stop looking at your phone first thing in the morning if you want to bring greater mindfulness to your mornings.



Everyone from CEOs to celebrities to soccer mothers appears to be practicing regular meditation these days. Meditation is practiced by some of the world’s most successful people. Oprah. Michael Jordan is a basketball player. Russell Brand is a British actor. Steve Jobs is a well-known figure in the business world. The list might go on forever. There are many reasons for meditation becoming so familiar and popular to the world.

It’s effective. While there are few studies on mindfulness and meditation, the research that has been done reveals that slowing down the mind may have a substantial influence on the brain, influencing our behavior and how we react to the environment.

Simply meditating for 5-10 minutes each morning has the power to change your day completely. It not only sets the tone for the rest of the day, but it may also enhance energy levels, improve attention and productivity, and improve overall wellbeing. Morning meditation may help you cultivate a sense of mindfulness that carries over throughout the remainder of your day, allowing you to handle whatever comes your way with greater ease and grace.

If you aren’t a meditator and don’t want to start, even sitting in peaceful thought for a few minutes each morning before starting your day might help you develop a sense of mindfulness. It’s also a lot more calming than hurrying into whatever the day has in store.


Get in a Serving of CBD

According to estimates, 64 percent of Americans consume at least one cup of coffee every day. In addition, Americans consume more coffee than any other country on the planet. We at Saha Self Care are no strangers to a morning cup of coffee. However, before we do so, we take our daily CBD dose. We’ve seen CBD have a hugely good influence on our own life, and we know it can be utilized to assist in maintaining a state of overall wellbeing from personal experience.

We feel that being conscious of what we put into our bodies is an important aspect of a thoughtful morning practice. When we start each day carefully, it only makes sense to start with things we know might help our overall wellbeing.

We might take a CBD tincture before our first cup of coffee on a regular morning. Then there are those days when we feel like we need an additional kick and make our bulletproof coffee to start the day. We’ll make a superfood CBD smoothie when we have a little more time in the mornings.

Given how CBD has helped our lives, we believe it is only natural to incorporate it into our focused morning ritual. We believe CBD is one of the finest improvements anybody may make to their morning routine since it may encourage a sense of calm and focus.


Things to Keep in Mind When Establishing a Mindful Morning Routine with CBD

Everyone is different when it comes to how they begin their day. Our thoughtful morning ritual may differ significantly from yours. Listening to your intuition is one of the most crucial things you can do while starting a mindful morning practice. Your body may require various things on different days. This must be respected.

Keep in mind, though, that incorporating a mindful morning practice into your life may benefit you in more ways than you might realize. We also feel that ingesting CBD first thing in the morning might have a similar effect. What are some of the ways you start your days with mindfulness? Please tell us about them in the comments section below. Alternatively, you may contact Saha Self-Care’s customer service department.

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