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Everything you need to know about CBD Bath Bombs!

Saha Self-care CBD Bath Bombs
Saha Self-care CBD Bath Bombs

If CBD self-care and the staycation had a baby, it would be the CBD bath bomb. Happy reading…and soaking! 😉

First, what are CBD bath bombs made of?

As a quick Google search will show, there’s tons of different recipes and ingredients out there for making bath bombs but most will be made with baking soda (sodium bicarbonate if you’re feeling fancy), citric acid (which creates the fizzy effect we all love), hemp-derived CBD oil and then something to make them smell really fresh and relaxing, typically essential oils like lavender, jasmine and eucalyptus. Mmmm.

Do CBD bath bombs work? Are CBD bath bombs effective?

This is a great question and we want to answer it as honestly as we can for you: it depends on the person. Even though everyone has an endocannabinoid system, we don’t all react to CBD the same way or at all. Some CBD users definitely feel a difference, others don’t. Some have to adjust their dosage or change how they absorb their CBD to feel a difference. And again, for some people, CBD makes no discernible difference.

The key point we would stress here is that CBD is not a silver bullet. To increase your chances of making sure you have an optimal experience however, we recommend making sure you’re buying from reputable businesses and that you can inspect the Certificates of Analysis to make sure you’re getting what you pay for. If you ingest CBD, you want to give it no less than a month to build up in your system; doing so will give you the best chances to have a positive experience.

All that said, we recommend you trying it for yourself and seeing how you feel. Here at Saha, we offer a 30 day, no questions asked refund policy so keep that in-mind if you’re on the fence. And if it helps, our bath bombs were just featured by so you know they must be good!

What are the benefits of using CBD bath bombs?

We mentioned the endocannabinoid system earlier. We’ll keep it light because books have been written about this system and how it works but essentially, we all have one and its made up of cannabinoid receptors that run throughout your body and that are activated by cannabinoids such as CBD, CBG, CBN, etc.

Now, again, everyone is different and although anecdotally thousands and thousands of people have said they benefit from CBD, we just have to stress that CBD is not a silver bullet. If you’re thinking about trying it, talk to your doctor. Do your homework. Make sure you make an informed decision. If you have questions, we’re always here to help.

That being said, when speaking about CBD bath bombs specifically, we commonly hear the biggest benefit is the soothing of sore muscles and achy joints and this could make sense simply because the CBD in the bath bombs stimulates the cannabinoid receptors in our skin which may provide anti-inflammatory benefits.

This all sounds good – how do I choose which CBD bath bomb to buy?

Well, it’s important to do your research because like all CBD products, CBD bath bombs are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration and unfortunately, there are some bad actors out there. First, make sure any product you’re considering has third-party lab test results available, also known as Certificates of Analysis.

Second, check the customer reviews of the product and see what other customers who have used it have to say. Third, check the ingredients and make sure there isn’t anything that you’re allergic or sensitive to. And finally, check the amount of CBD and if you’re new to using CBD, just make sure you’re comfortable with how much the bath bomb contains although most bath bombs we’ve seen all have a very reasonable amount.

Should I buy my CBD bath bombs on Amazon?

As far as we know, Amazon prohibits the sale of CBD so if you decide to do so, please proceed with caution. Many “CBD” products on Amazon contain hemp seed oil or hemp oil which is not the same thing as CBD oil and, as you may have guessed, does not actually contain any CBD. Don’t get us wrong, hemp seed oil is great for many things but you should get be getting what you paid for, right?

Plus, why risk purchasing a product you may end up really enjoying only to find out when you go back to purchase it again that it’s no longer available because the company ran afoul of Amazon’s policies?

Are CBD bath bombs safe?

Yes! Although you always want to do some research on the particular CBD company and brand that you are interested in purchasing, generally speaking, CBD bath bombs are one of the easiest, most convenient ways to experience CBD topically.

Are CBD bath bombs safe during pregnancy?

Although we have no indication that CBD bath bombs are not safe during pregnancy, if you are pregnant and considering using CBD bath bombs, please do talk to your doctor first and take their advice about whether to use CBD topically as well as water temperature and how long you should bathe.

If you have a serious medical condition, have sensitive skin, use prescription medications, or are pregnant or nursing, be sure to take your doctor’s advice about water temperature and the length of time you bathe.

What are the best CBD bath bombs?

We’re a little biased (obvi) but truly there are a number of great CBD bath bomb products out there from reputable companies just like ours. Do some exploring, have some fun with it! Just remember to check for a Certificate of Analysis!

What are the best CBD bath bombs for pain?

Although the majority of our CBD bath bomb customers do state that they believe the bath bombs help to soothe achy muscles and joints, everyone is different and reacts to CBD differently. Our advice would be to talk to your doctor and get their advice and then depending on what kind of pain you’re feeling, if it makes sense to try a CBD bath bomb, make sure to check the Certificate of Analysis and also the CBD dosage of the bath bombs as it may make sense to try CBD bath bombs that have more CBD than the average CBD bath bomb.

Where to buy CBD bath bombs near me?

With CBD bath bombs literally blowing up everywhere, you shouldn’t have any issues finding a variety of options in different sizes, shapes, colors, scents, CBD dosages, etc. so just look around online and you should find something to your liking. That being said, do your homework and make sure you’re getting what you pay for. Check the Certificates of Analysis and the customer reviews of any brand you’re considering before making a purchase.

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