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CBD Not Working For You? Here Are Some Potential Reasons Why

CBD products are new to the general public, and many people are unsure how to approach this new tool in the realm of wellness. CBD’s subtlety is one of its best qualities, but it may make some people assume that they aren’t feeling any change from using it. CBD’s purpose is to promote homeostasis or internal equilibrium.

As a result, our CBD is non-psychoactive and has no intoxication side effects. However, there might be various additional reasons why you don’t see any results from your CBD consumption. Read on to discover whether any of these tips will help you experience the full range of CBD advantages that you want.


How CBD Works

To better understand why you may not be feeling the benefits of CBD, it is essential to have a firm basic knowledge of CBD. Athletes using CBD tincture Cannabinoid receptors are found throughout the human body. These sensors assess the environment that is brewing in various parts of your body. This includes your skin, brain, and stomach.

CBD may be taken in a variety of ways. They do, however, all fall under the following categories.


Oral Supplementation

CBD tinctures are an example of an oral supplement. Tinctures can be taken orally or by adding the liquid to food or drinks. The fastest method to enjoy the effects of CBD is to use a CBD tincture or CBD vape pen. That being said, you may also burn through the cannabinoids more quickly. When it comes to edibles, the majority of the effects are felt in the digestive tract.



When you eat edibles, your body has to break down the solid substance that surrounds the CBD. You won’t feel the benefits of CBD until it oxidizes in your circulation, whether it’s in a brownie or a gummy bear. You don’t digest a complete meal right away. While the benefits may take a little time to become apparent, they will stay longer than a tincture.

Your stomach acids may also eliminate some of the cannabis in the same breath. This is something that comes with the territory of eating. The nutrients in a salad face the same difficulties. As a result, edibles may not be as potent as a CBD tincture.

CBD digestible are more than simply edibles. CBD softgels are also available. Instead of meals, you get a pill containing cannabinoids. Because capsules are not as thick as edibles, you will most likely experience the benefits of CBD softgels sooner than if you ate CBD-infused food.



Remember when we mentioned your body was covered in cannabinoid receptors? The biggest organ has a plethora of them. According to research, the skin has an endocannabinoid system. Even though the skin is highly porous, we strive to conceal those pores with cosmetics and other harsh chemicals. We shouldn’t, after all. Everything we put on it, including CBD, gets absorbed by this porous surface.

To support a healthy complexion, apply CBD salve to muscles after an exercise or try a CBD serum! While it takes a bit longer than a CBD tincture, the benefits will be felt much faster than the digestive approach. Now that you have a strong grasp of how CBD products operate, let’s look at some of the reasons you may not be reaping the advantages of CBD.


Get Out of Your Head

One reason you may not be experiencing anything is that you are overthinking things. While most people realize that CBD does not make you high, there is still a cognitive link to the other cannabis plant. Many people who are new to CBD anticipate feeling exhilaration. That is not what CBD is intended to do. If you’re feeling a little light-headed, you’ve probably had too much CBD. Don’t be concerned. There have been no medical cases of CBD overdoses that necessitated hospitalization or resulted in death.


Check Your CBD Serving

Many experts advise starting slowly in unfamiliar territory such as CBD. That’s a fantastic concept. Just like you would color one strand of hair before dying the entire head, you should test the waters with cannabis first. Human livers are very strong, and you should be able to digest modest doses of CBD without experiencing the effects. Increase the dosage once you’ve seen how you feel after one tincture dropper or one piece of CBD chocolate. You’ll know when you feel the desired effects. Believe in your body. It is more knowledgeable than you are!


Don’t Consume CBD on an Empty Stomach

When you take a supplement, you should have something in your stomach. Your stomach acids have a high concentration of acid. If the first thing your CBD gets into touch with is stomach acid, the cannabinoids will be destroyed. You construct a raft on your stomach acids by taking a small bite to eat. As a result, the CBD in the edible/CBD-laden saliva/softgel you swallowed will have something to fall on. As your acids degrade the solid substance, the CBD is liberated to oxidize. That is, the CBD molecules disperse into the confined environment that is your body. CBD will then attach to receptors throughout your body.


Consume CBD with Complex Carbs & Healthy Fat 

You Should not take CBD on an empty stomach, for sure. However, you should not take it on an empty stomach or after eating sugary, starchy, or fried meals. CBD should ideally be consumed with healthy fats and complex carbohydrates. CBD attracts fat like a moth to light. CBD is absorbed through fat. As the fat flops into your stomach acid reservoir, it creates a lovely little cocoon for the cannabinoids. You don’t want a large, fatty steak that can clog your system.

A blockade may seem frightening, but complex carbohydrates are safe. Consuming complex carbs helps to boost good microorganisms, which aids in nutrient absorption. Complex carbohydrates are favored over starchy carbohydrates such as white rice and potatoes because they are high in micronutrients. When your beneficial bacteria break down these meals, they release a slew of phytochemicals into your system. CBD will boost these advantages even further. According to research, wide or full-spectrum CBD has an entourage effect, which means that when it’s present with other phytochemicals, it boosts their effects.


You Haven’t Tried Long Enough

There is no cure-all in this world, and most things take time to work. CBD has gotten so much public attention that many people believe it can move mountains in just one use. Furthermore, people who are unfamiliar with the notion may still be haunted by the marijuana stigma. Consumers often imagine the euphoric rush that comes with using marijuana.


Are You Using Low Quality?

In petrol stations, there are inexpensive rip-offs of perfumes. Sugars and artificial additives abound in “healthy” granola bars. When anything becomes popular, there are sure to be copied. In the realm of wellness, CBD is the new belle of the ball. Subpar items are already appearing, even though the industry is still in its infancy. Don’t get taken in by the con. Because CBD products are presently unregulated, you’ll want to exercise caution while choosing CBD products. Make sure the brand you choose delivers “full-spectrum” or “wide spectrum” hemp oil.

This implies that the product contains many of the hemp’s 100+ distinct phytochemicals. The entourage effect is then activated. When you use a higher-quality CBD product, you receive a slew of other advantages in addition to CBD. Finally, verify sure the firm you’re buying from follows rigorous agricultural practices. Because pesticides are artificial compounds, they react with whatever they come into touch with. When synthetic substances are added to the mix, they only serve to dilute the total potency.

That is why you should go with a company like Saha Self-Care. Not only do we use hemp grown by American farmers, but each formula is also tested for purity by a third-party laboratory. Transparency is crucial in the CBD industry. You may not experience the intended results of your CBD products if you do not do so. If you’re still not sure why you do not see results after utilizing CBD products, don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss it more.

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