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CBD Mouth Spray? Yep! Check Out Our Definitive Guide

What if obtaining your daily dose of CBD was as simple as spritzing it in your mouth? It is now possible. CBD manufacturers are always coming up with new and inventive methods to market hemp-based goods. CBD mouth spray is one of the most recent innovations in the CBD revolution.

CBD mouth spray is a two-in-one product. It allows you to receive your CBD while freshening your breath on the fly. This adaptable CBD delivery method is great for people who wish to maintain maximum well-being while living in the fast lane. Let’s learn more about the CBD mouth spray’s ins and outs, as well as the fantastic brands available.


How Are CBD Mouth Sprays Made?


CBD in CBD mouth sprays is extracted in the same way that extracts in other products are extracted. Hemp is used to extracting phytocannabinoids, which are subsequently separated and purified. The refining process removes the helpful compounds from the solid particles in the hemp plant. The cannabinoids are then combined with a carrier oil. Carrier oils are good lipids that help the cannabinoids absorb. The use of carrier oil is critical for increasing the formula’s bioavailability. Most high-quality CBD companies use MCT oil sourced from organic coconuts or extra-virgin olive oil.

The CBD manufacturer will add flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives after the carrier oil and cannabinoids are well-integrated. Choosing the best CBD mouth spray requires sifting through all of this information. Later, we’ll go over the taste alternatives and issues in further detail.


How to Use CBD Mouth Spray

CBD mouth spray is gaining popularity since it is so simple to use. You don’t have to take it with water like capsules, and you won’t be smelling like it for the rest of the day as you may after using certain topical remedies. You only need to spray into your mouth to be ready to go.


Will CBD Mouth Spray Get You High?

You should not encounter any psychotropic side effects if you purchase CBD mouth spray made from hemp. Although hemp contains tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), it isn’t abundant in this mind-altering cannabinoid. All hemp plants must contain less than 0.3 percent THC, according to the 2018 Farm Bill. This little quantity of THC should have no negative effects on the body.

When searching for CBD products, though, it’s critical to do your homework. In jurisdictions where marijuana is allowed for medicinal or recreational use. In some cases, the THC content of the formula you buy may be more than 0.3 percent. Before purchasing CBD mouth spray, be sure you read the packaging carefully.


What Are the Differences Between CBD Mouth Spray and CBD Tinctures?


You may simply tailor your CBD experience in the same way that you personalize your fitness routines, phone applications, and even burrito bowls. CBD tinctures and CBD mouth spray are simple to use and help you live a healthier life. These two CBD products vary in how and why they are used.

CBD mouth sprays are good for those who don’t enjoy the natural hemp flavor of hemp-based products, but CBD tinctures are more adaptable. Tinctures can be used in other parts of your health regimen, such as tea or a smoothie.

While CBD tinctures are straightforward to use, some people may find them difficult to take on the move. Because the mist from a CBD mouth spray evaporates rapidly, you may just take it out of your bag and spritz it.


Benefits of CBD Mouth Spray

CBD mouth spray is a convenient way to use hemp extract on the go. CBD mouth spray fits neatly in your pocket or handbag for individuals who use CBD to keep a calm mood when out and about. Infusing the spritz with CBD is a delightful method to improve overall body balance.


How to Choose a CBD Mouth Spray

There is a wide variety on the market of high-quality CBD mouth sprays. Unfortunately, as the market grows more crowded, the quality of these items may suffer. Making a substandard CBD mouth spray is far easier than making a substandard CBD pill.

Some firms use additives in their recipe to create fruity, minty, and dessert-like tastes to improve taste quality. While a chocolate mint CBD mouth spray may seem appealing, it’s crucial to look into where the tastes come from. Many “flavors” are made in a lab using synthetic materials. These flavorings may detract from the overall recipe, reducing the CBD’s health effects.

You’ll want to ensure that your CBD firm employs all-natural flavoring agents in their sprays. Choose brands that utilize organic essential oils to flavor their products. Essential oils, like hemp, are high in terpenes. As a result, essential oils can help a broad range of hemp products work better.


What Are the Best CBD Mouth Sprays?

Let’s have a look at some of the top CBD mouth spray products now that you have a better knowledge of what defines a high-quality mouth spray. These are the finest CBD mouth sprays for those searching for hemp-based well-being on the road.


Honest Hemp


Honest Hemp has a CBD mouth spray that is extremely bioavailable. They employ a technique that is comparable to our nanoemulsion technology. Their cannabinoids are very small, allowing for greater systemic reach and absorption.

While Honest Hemp employs cutting-edge technology, they engage in a few behaviors that jeopardize the ultimate product. For starters, their “carrier oil” is ethanol. Because you’ll experience a burn similar to when you use Listerine, ethanol will give this product a real breath spray feel. However, it does not help the body get the most out of cannabinoids. Glycerol, a byproduct of soap production, is also included in the brand’s composition to provide sweetness. Glycerol is also used to create antifreeze. Therefore its use in your CBD spray seems dubious.

Essential oils, on the other hand, are used by Honest Hemp to produce the minty fresh flavor that this brand is known for. They score marks for flavor and cutting-edge technology, but the other substances in the recipe should be avoided.


Elixinol Hemp Oil Liposomes


Elixinol Hemp Oil seeks to redefine the CBD mouth spray game in an extremely inventive field. They were one of the first companies to use hemp liposomes.

Liposomes surround CBD molecules like a bubble. They aid in protecting cannabinoids from oxidation and increase their bioavailability in the body.

While Elixinol employs a novel technique, they include substances like xanthan gum and potassium sorbate. While these common components have been approved for human consumption by authorities, some more health-conscious may regard them as possible warning flags.


Jambo Superfoods

Jambo goods live up to the hype of having superfoods in their name. We like that they have a minimal list of ingredients. Jambo Superfoods includes rosemary as a preservative and stevia as a sweetener in their formulation.

Jambo Superfoods is unique in that they flavor their two CBD mouth sprays with essential oils. Clean Mint, made with organic peppermint essential oil, or Sweet Cinnamon, made with organic cinnamon bark essential oil, are the two options. Jambo Superfoods is our top pick for CBD mouth sprays because of its long list of high-quality, organic components. 

Have you used CBD mouth spray before? Join the discussion in the comments section below and tell us about your experience!

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