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What’s the Best CBD for Anxiety? Here’s Our Recommendation for 2022

What’s the Best CBD for Anxiety? 

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of the main ingredients found within the cannabis plant. It sees widespread use as a vital component in medical marijuana and commercially available CBD products because of its anti-anxiety properties and low THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) level, the psychoactive element in recreational marijuana that induces a high.

But how do you choose the CBD product that is right for you? In this article, we will explore criteria, potency, and recommended brands to help you choose the best CBD for anxiety in 2022.


Benefits and Uses of CBD


While using CBD products was frowned upon in the past, in recent years, they’ve grown in popularity and availability. Not only that, but the beneficial effects they have on health and wellness have made them a vital part of some individuals’ treatment plans for physical and emotional ailments.

Studies note that one of the advantages CBD products have is the ability to mitigate depression and anxiety. Cannabidiol induces a calming effect on individuals who take it. Although studies show that CBD products can’t alter baseline anxiety, it has proven effective in managing the symptoms of Generalized Anxiety Disorders when prescription medication fails.

Everyone feels and handles anxiety differently, meaning they occasionally require different solutions to manage it. For some people, CBD products prove the most effective, and they experience no significant side effects after using them.

However, something to keep in mind when purchasing CBD products is the lack of standardization among manufacturers. As a result, there are many different brands to choose from, and no two products will have the same properties.  Below we’ve provided a product guide that will help you find the brand of CBD products that will work best for you.


Criteria for Measuring CBD Products


Here are a few criteria you can follow to determine the best CBD oil for anxiety in 2022. We also use these factors as a measure for the CBD products listed below:


While looking for CBD products, it’s important to research where the cannabinoid ships from. If you’re looking for CBD products on your own, we recommend only purchasing brands sourced from American or European farms.

Despite the lack of standard manufacturing practices, American and European CBD products are made under strict regulations. For example, the level of THC cannot exceed a certain percentage ranging from 0.3% THC (USA) to 0.7% (in certain parts of Europe).


CBD Extraction Method

There are several ways that CBD brands can extract cannabinoids from hemp plants resulting in three different end products: Full-Spectrum CBD, Broad-Spectrum CBD, or CBD Isolate.

  • Full-Spectrum CBD – CBD products that contain other compounds found in hemp plants. These substances include Terpenes (a substance known to have therapeutic benefits) and Flavonoids (a substance found in most fruits and vegetables with minor anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties). A potential downside to this extraction method is the larger amount of THC contained in the end product.
  • Broad-Spectrum CBD – This extraction method produces CBD similar to full-spectrum extraction, except it removes all traces of THC from the end product. Broad-spectrum CBD is perfect for people who want all the health benefits of full-spectrum CBD without getting a buzz from a psychoactive ingredient. This method can’t remove all traces of THC, meaning it’s still possible to fail drug tests while using it.
  • CBD IsolateCBD Isolate extraction is precisely what the name sounds like; it removes everything from the finished products except for cannabinoids. While this extraction method is the most reliable means of eliminating THC from CBD products, it will also remove every other healthy component within the extract and leave pure cannabinoids. Seek out products that use this extraction method when you want the most potent dose of anxiety mitigation.


Potency represents the amount of CBD within the oil per recommended dose, measured in milligrams. Determining the dosage appropriate for your body is essential in finding the best CBD for anxiety in 2022. Starting with too weak a dose will have negligible effects, while a more potent dose may provoke unexpected side effects. For the best results, look for a brand that offers CBD oil with varying potencies so that you can test what’s right for you.


CBD Recommendations

1. CBDistillery


Founded in 2016, CBDistillery has quickly risen in the public eye as one of the best CBD brands out there. Created because the founders saw a market saturated with inferior products, the CBDistillery dedicates itself to offering customers high-quality CBD products at fair, honest prices.

Every product they offer is tested at an impartial, third-party laboratory to ensure they both meet federal regulations and provide their customer with the highest quality oils on the market. While CBDistillery offers a wide range of products, from CBD gummies to soft gels, it’s their Relief + Relax CBD Oil that grants customers the most relief from their anxiety.

Source: CBDistillery sources its non-GMO hemp from a farm in Colorado.

CBD Extraction Method: Full-Spectrum, so customers get the full range of health benefits from the various ingredients in Relief + Relax CBD Oil. Full-Spectrum means this oil contains, at most, 0.3% THC.

Potency: Relief + Relax CBD Oil carries 33mg of CBD per serving (1,000 mg CBD per bottle total). A mid-range amount meant to promote calm without being overpowering.

2. Charlotte’s Web


The Charlotte’s Web brand of CBD products is named after Charlotte Figl, a young girl suffering from seizures due to Dravet Syndrome. Initially called Hippies Disappointment, the strain of CBD was renamed once the manufacturer’s found that the oil helped to greatly reduce the frequency of Charlotte’s grand mal seizures from 300 a week to just two or three a month.

After seeing how Charlotte’s Web CBD helped its namesake achieve a better quality of life, the brand’s founders sought to expand the CBD oil’s production to assist people suffering chronic conditions across America.

Charlotte’s Web THC-Free CBD Oil promotes a natural relief of anxiety symptoms and stress while introducing a minimal amount of THC into your system. While CBD oil extraction won’t eliminate all traces of the psychoactive ingredient, what remains is minuscule compared to the more considerable terpenes and flavonoids present, making this one of the best CBD oils for anxiety in 2022.

Source: Charlotte’s Web sources its non-GMO hemp plants from a farm in Colorado.

CBD Extraction Method: The CBD company uses broad-spectrum extraction to remove most of the THC from the final product while keeping the ingredients that promote physical and mental wellness.

Potency: Charlotte’s Web THC Free CBD Oil carries 25mg of CBD per serving (750mg per bottle). That amount of CBD is on the higher end of a mild dose, falling just short of mid-range levels.


3. NuLeaf Naturals


NuLeaf Naturals is a brand of CBD products started in 2014 by individuals who believed that the healing power of plants didn’t require additional additives to boost effectiveness. As a result, their CBD oils are the most naturalistic on the market. Their Colorado-based farm uses particular techniques to avoid pesticides and genetic tampering.

Every step of their hemp cultivation methods ensures the quality of their CBD oil (and other CBD products) and creates a product that the manufacturers would share with their families. Naturals’ green extraction process doesn’t introduce unnecessary heat or chemical solvents that dilute the CBD oil.

Additionally, once the CBD oil is complete, it’s sent to an independent, third-party testing facility that verifies the quality of the end product. The testing lab ensures that Nuleaf Naturals CBD Oil is at or below the federally regulated level of THC and has many cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids to make the oil effective.

Source: A licensed farm in Colorado, USA. The farmers use sustainable farming practices to produce a hemp crop as naturally as possible.

CBD Extraction Method: NuLeaf Natural CBD Oil is created with full-spectrum extraction so that customers receive the full breadth of health benefits.

Potency: NuLead CBD oils come in a variety of sizes and strengths. For a good, mid-range option that isn’t too strong, consider purchasing their 30mg CBD oil (1,800mg per bottle).


Final Thoughts

While we’ve shown a few of the best CBD brands, this is hardly an exhaustive list. Many other reputable companies manufacture quality full-spectrum CBD oils and several other cannabinoid-derived products that promote health and wellness just as effectively (or even better) than the brands listed above.

However, when shopping for your personalized CBD solutions, remember that there are lower quality brands as well. Typically, these companies will use various cost-saving measures that negatively affect the end product’s efficacy. Unfortunately, these cost-saving measures usually mean inferior extraction methods that produce impure CBD derived from hemp plants full of pesticides and other harsh chemicals.

But, as long as you research companies before you purchase their product, you’ll have no trouble finding the best CBD for anxiety in 2022.

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