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Mixing Coffee and CBD: 3 Awesome Reasons to Give It a Go

Did you know that coffee is the second most consumed beverage in the US, next to water? If you absolutely need your morning cup of coffee to get going, you are far from alone. But have you ever thought of combining coffee and CBD? In today’s blog, we will consider the benefits and drawbacks.

Coffee and CBD infusions are growing in popularity, as is the practice of adding CBD oil to coffee at home. Caffeine is the primary active component in coffee, and savvy CBD users have learned how to combine the two substances effectively to maximize their benefits. For instance, CBD oil can lessen anxiety, which can also reduce the negative side-effects of caffeine such as hyperactivity and tension.

Everything you need to know about mixing coffee and CBD will be covered in this post.

coffee and CBD

What Is CBD?

Hemp and marijuana (Cannabis Sativa) plants contain a chemical compound known as cannabidiol or CBD. Another marijuana cannabinoid that most people are familiar with is THC, which causes most of the plant’s psychoactive effects. CBD, however, has no psychoactive effects and does not give you a “high.” CBD has been shown to have a number of promising potential health benefits, and users swear by its effectiveness for an array of uses including better sleep, stress reduction, and pain relief.

Why Is CBD Good for Anxiety?

CBD may impact the serotonin pathways in the brain, and this interaction may have a calming effect.

CBD is also believed to have potential anti-anxiety properties due to its interaction with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in the body. The endocannabinoid system plays a role in regulating various physiological processes, including mood and stress responses. CBD is thought to influence this system by interacting with receptors in the brain and immune system, modulating neurotransmitter activity.

Further research is needed to completely understand this connection, as scientific studies concerning CBD are still in their infancy. However, preliminary findings suggest that CBD may have anti-anxiety qualities.

What is Caffeine and Why Do People Use It?

Caffeine, the principal active component in coffee, is a widely used stimulant. Tea also contains caffeine, but coffee has a much higher concentration. Caffeine is the reason that drinking a coffee or tea makes you feel awake, alert, and better able to focus.

In the modern world, continuous focus, productivity and creativity are necessary for success at work, home, school, and elsewhere. We all live busy lives and may not always get enough sleep. Caffeine helps people to stay alert and complete the tasks they need to get done.

Caffeine is generally safe for most people in reasonable quantities. However, it is highly addictive and too much can have negative side effects including headaches, a racing heart, sleep problems, and an increase in anxiety.

Why Does Coffee Raise Anxiety for Some People?

Caffeine usage can cause anxiety and stress in some people, which can be exacerbated when it is consumed in excess. Overconsumption of caffeinated beverages such as coffee can result in elevated stress hormones, blood pressure, and heart rate. The levels of the stress hormones cortisol and epinephrine can increase up to twofold in some cases”

Drinking coffee often has positive results, such as improved performance, creativity, and attention span. Dopamine and acetylcholine are two neurotransmitters that cause these effects. Conversely, though, caffeine might prevent the release of the neurotransmitter GABA, which is linked to happiness and relaxation. As a result, low GABA levels in the brain can exacerbate anxiety.

If you already suffer from insomnia or struggle to fall (or stay) asleep, drinking coffee may make matters worse. Your brain and body depend on getting the necessary amount of sleep each night (7-9 hours). The sleep cycle will be disrupted if you drink coffee too close to bedtime, making it harder to get the rest you need. A lack of restful sleep can greatly increase mental health struggles such as anxiety.

Be aware that caffeine is frequently added to over-the-counter medications, such as painkillers, to increase their potency. However, it may intensify the negative effects of certain antibiotics, mood stabilizers, and asthma drugs. Pick your medication carefully and always consult your healthcare provider if you are unsure.

All Stimulants Have Side Effects, Including Coffee

If you enjoy coffee, you’re probably aware of its negative side effects. Too much caffeine might make us restless and anxious, and these undesirable side effects might impair performance.

This takes us to the question of mixing CBD and caffeine, which is one possible way to eliminate or lessen these negative effects. By combining CBD with caffeine, a user can maximize the benefits of both substances while reducing or avoiding negative side effects. In the next section, we will look at some of the advantages of adding CBD to your coffee and using coffee and CBD together.

Combining Coffee and CBD May Improve Cognitive Alertness

Both coffee and CBD can help you to feel more alert and focused. These two chemicals interact similarly with several neurotransmitters that control vital brain processes.

One of the neurotransmitters in our brain which controls mental alertness is adenosine. The neurons start to deliver information much slower as more adenosine builds up in them. As a result, we experience exhaustion and mental depletion. By binding to the receptors, caffeine can prevent adenosine from acting and lessen its effects. As a result, the receptor is not capable of performing its function. This increases alertness.

Because CBD also interacts with adenosine, products containing CBD provide several advantages. There is some indication that this drug can also directly enhance adenosine receptors’ functionality. More study is required to find out how CBD might improve the alertness caused by caffeine, however.

CBD Can Relieve Anxiety

One of the most well-known effects of CBD is a potential reduction of anxiety. It is a highly effective anxiety reliever and has the following effects:

  • GABA production may be increased, helping to calm the body and the brain.
  • CBD may control certain brain regions’ hypothalamus activity to better manage the stress response
  • CBD may reduce tension brought on by anxiety by relaxing the muscle

For all of these reasons, combining coffee and CBD may help to counteract the anxiety-intensifying side effect that some caffeine users experience.

Experience Prolonged Effects of Both Coffee and CBD

What if caffeine’s or CBD’s effects could linger longer? We have some excellent news: mixing them may help you to achieve these long-lasting results.

Did you know that your liver is in charge of breaking down practically everything you consume and processing substances that must be removed from the body? Enzymes in your liver break down medicines, cell waste, and other substances in the blood. 

Due to their structural similarities, CBD and caffeine are processed by the same liver enzyme. Additionally, the liver can no longer absorb CBD and caffeine when their concentrations reach certain thresholds or suddenly increase. You’ll notice that the metabolism of these substances slows down and that the benefits of coffee and CBD remain a little longer when you use them together.

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Add CBD Oil to Coffee to Enjoy the Benefits of Both

In consclusion, caffeine – the key active component in coffee – may help users to feel alert, focused, and uplifted. However, it can also have some negative side effects, including an increase in anxiety or hyperactivity. These effects can be counteracted, and the positive benefits of coffee amplified, by adding a few drops of high quality CBD oil. Flavored tinctures can be delicious in coffee, too!

There’s more: it has even been hypothesized that CBD may help to lessen headaches that can be brought on by coffee.

With the combination of coffee and CBD you will remain attentive, imaginative, and productive throughout the day, without an increase in anxiety.

About the Writer

Anna N.

Anna is a freelance writer currently based in the NE covering the intersection of cannabis culture and personal self-care. When not writing, Anna enjoys reading, exploring local joints and taking long walks with Bruno, her Golden Retriever.

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