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10 Easy Ways To Help Your Dog’s Well-Being During Lockdown

They’re much more than merely our closest companions. They’re a lifeline, a snuggle buddy, and an emotional support system for us. No, we’re not referring to your romantic partner. A human and their dog’s bond has just been detailed. Even on our worst days, our dogs show us unconditional love and acceptance. As a result, we don’t hesitate to go to great lengths to safeguard our pets’ health and happiness as pet owners. Here are five recommendations for supporting your dog’s well-being, whether it’s a spa day, improving their food, or adding CBD dog oil to their diet.

Dog's wellbeing


Exercise Regularly

Dogs and humans have a lot in common. Cuddles, fun, and bacon are among their favorite things. Despite our dissimilar appearances, we share many of the same organs and muscles as our canine companions. A dog’s body can get weaker due to a lack of activity, just like a human’s. Dogs, unlike our feline companions, require regular exercise.

If you don’t get in your morning yoga flow, you could get irritable, and your dog might feel the same way. They need to express their dissatisfaction through regular activities.

Your dog’s cardiovascular health and muscular strength will improve as they walk and run more. Even people with the busiest schedules can fit a 15-minute stroll around the block into their day. It’s best if you can squeeze in as much time as possible. Anyone who lives near a dog park or has a large yard may integrate a few games of fetch to get their heart rate up.

Loosen That Collar

We would go to any length to ensure that our dog is as relaxed as possible. So, why do so many of us continue to wear a collar around our necks? For decades, many pet owners have claimed that their dogs are unaffected by the tug around their neck, even though straining the device causes them to come to a complete halt. From a logical standpoint, this worldview has no merit.

A dog collar can be a choking threat not just when the owner pulls on the reins but also while you’re not nearby. A tight collar might get trapped if an exceptionally energetic dog tries to leap a fence. Unfortunately, this kind of incident might result in a broken neck or even death.

The best way to cope up with these problems is to get your dog a body harness. They will not only be more comfortable on their walks, but they will also feel more liberated. A harness is less intrusive, giving your dog complete freedom of motion to smell everything it sees.

The harness may become more unpleasant than the collar if your dog spends most of the day inside your home. While they’re inside, you might wish to remove the harness. If your dog is prone to fleeing, get them microchipped.

Make Sure There’s Plenty of Mental Stimulation

Dogs don’t have the luxury of killing time by scrolling through their Facebook page. Dogs also do not go to work, happy hour, or mall shopping. They spend the majority of their time on their own at home. Although seeing you return home is the highlight of their day, you are insufficient! We know we’re not the only ones who want to have a good time.

Exercise is, without a doubt, an excellent technique to intellectually engage your dog. They become giddy when they smell new things and encounter strangers who ooh and ahh over their cuteness. Change up your walking regimen to increase stimulation. Every day will feel like they’re breaking new ground!

Be on Top of Your Dog’s Dental Care

Brushing our teeth twice a day is a must for us. Despite this, the majority of dogs will go their whole lives without receiving any dental treatment. Oral health is a window into your pet’s general health, just as it is for humans. They, too, are susceptible to illness and frequently suffer from gum infections. An infection in the mouth has the potential to spread. As a result, your dog’s teeth may begin to fall out.

Furthermore, these infections have the potential to spread to the heart, resulting in death for your loved one. Brush and clean your dog’s teeth at least once a day. If that isn’t an option, provide dental treats and plenty of bones. These chewable snacks remove tartar and plaque from their teeth and gums.

Feed Them Organic Food

If you’re going gluten-free, buying organic, and choosing whole foods, your dog should get the same treatment. Dogs are allergic to the same foods that humans are allergic to, such as gluten and dairy. Dogs don’t create nearly as many digestive enzymes as their owners do for certain meals. As a result, they may have an even more difficult time digesting some meals than humans.

Many mainstream food corporations employ fillers, chemicals, GMOs, and hormone-treated animal feed in their goods. Make sure you read the package thoroughly. Whole grains, such as lentils or quinoa, organic veggies, and free-range animals are also good choices. Homemade dog food is becoming increasingly popular among dog owners. While this is a great way to improve your puppy’s nutrition, be careful what you put in the food. Common human foods like onion, garlic, and tree nuts, for example, might be poisonous to your animals.

Dog's well-being

Wash Bowls Daily

Humans eat three square meals daily with clean cutlery and plates, yet we expect our dog’s slobbery tongue to lick food and drink from the same bowls every day. We’re not suggesting that you buy a full set of dog dishes, but you should wash their bowls daily. Water is a breeding environment for bacteria and other forms of life.

That implies the germs on your dog’s tongue from outdoors entering the home and end up in their water dish. In stagnant water, bacteria thrive. Your dog may get an oral infection depending on the type of bacteria present. This is why good oral hygiene and clean bowls are so important for your dog’s health.

Treat Them to a Spa Day

Sure, your dog doesn’t require a French manicure, but his nails do require some attention. Claws that have grown too long are inconvenient for dogs. They press back into the pads, creating discomfort and making walking difficult. Not to mention the harm they can cause to your furnishings! Make care to groom your dog according to their fur kind.

Matting, which gathers dirt and oils, is especially common in long-haired dogs. Combing out these clumps might be uncomfortable for your dog, but it’s easy to avoid if you groom him regularly. The fur on your dog’s body also hides what’s going on with their skin. You might spot irregularities like dry patches on your dog by brushing him.

Keep Toxins Out of Reach

As a general rule, if you don’t want your children to get into anything, you don’t want your pets to either. We take for granted how easily our pets might be exposed to chemicals in our homes. Let’s say they accidentally knock over the lemon-scented Pine-Sol. The appealing citrus fragrance may tempt them to lick it up after it’s on the ground. You’re on your way to the animal hospital before you realize it.

Toxic chemicals aren’t the only ones to be concerned about. As previously stated, some human foods may be hazardous to dogs. Alcohol, medications, drugs, pesticides, and even flowers like tulips and daffodils are all sources of danger. Learn which foods, plants, and products are hazardous to your dog and keep them out of reach of your family.

Use CBD Pet Products

Nothing makes your dog’s heart hurt more than when you leave for the day. To us, work seems to last an eternity; to them, it must feel like ten lifetimes. These times of separation may cause your dog severe suffering as well as extensive damage to your property. CBD dog treats can help to boost your dog’s overall health. Dogs, like humans, have an endocannabinoid system (ECS). As a result, CBD pet products may aid in your dog’s general health.


Dog's well-being


Regular Vet Trips

Except for their doctor, no one knows our pets better than we do. We like to assume we know our dogs better than anyone else, but it’s essential to seek professional advice regarding their health. The vet can not only help you if your dog is sick, but they may also be able to predict problems before they occur.

By seeing the veterinarian regularly, you may be able to detect a minor problem before it becomes a major issue. This will not only spare your dog from unnecessary suffering but will also save you money on future vet expenditures.

Not to add, your veterinarian can assist you with some of these wellness suggestions for your dog. They may advise you on the best diet for your dog and even provide dental cleaning and spa treatments. Dogs are commonly called “man’s best friend” since they are similar to humans.

We consume similar foods, participate in similar hobbies, and even have similar personalities. Make an appointment for an annual physical for yourself, as well as a yearly check-up for your dog! What precautions do you take to ensure your dog’s health and happiness?

We’d be delighted to speak with you! Please leave a comment or get in touch with us right away.

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